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13 Ways to Raise Money for your Business




13 Ways to Raise Money for your Business 1
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 Funding your business is almost always very difficult. This article is a quick overview of funding options. For  a more complete  discussion on fundraising options, and tools to help you organize and plan your fundraising efforts, and expert assistance, please consider reading  Steps to Generate a Money Making Ideas 

NOTE: While most of the information in this article applies to businesses all over the world, some of the information is based on facts for raising money in United State.


When you are raising money, it should usually be with some goal in mind. The goal can be to reach certain revenue milestones, profits or number of customers.

The goal  can even be to get to a point in your company growth from which you will be able to raise more money.

In order to reach your goal, you need to calculate how much money it would take to reach it.

That is how you can figure out how much money you need to raise, you can plan a fundraising strategy that makes the most of any combination of loans/grants/investment/donations in order to get to your funding goal.

13 Ways to Raise Money for your Business 2
For those who want to work and earn money from home, read this 


One of the simplest ways to raise money is to get any combinations of donations, loans or investment from friends and family while it is often not a good idea to do business with friends and family, it is by far the simplest way to raise small amounts of money (Under $100k) to start your business.. 

One of the ways to get donations other than from friends and family is to do a new type of fundraising called crowdfunding. It is essentially a way to get donations from friends, family and others who want to support your project.

As an additional resource, take a look at or or which are some of the leading crowdfunding platforms.

Currently their services is only available in United States, United Kingdom, and only a few other countries.


If you cannot raise enough money from friends and family or donations, you can combine what you are able to raise via those means with taking out a business loan.

13 Ways to Raise Money for your Business 3

Do you passion to invest in Real estate, If yes then read this

 Education in Real Estate

Banks only lend to businesses that have been in business for some time. Non-bank loans tend to be also cater to business which have already been in business. Very few companies lend money to businesses which are in planning stages.


Investment and investors come in many different types. Technology and growth investors tend to look for big markets, proven team, and traction which means that in nearly all cases your business has to already be in business and showing some progress.

There are other types of investors who invest in niches that they know very well like real estate, or other particular industries. Getting an investor to invest in your company is very difficult because for the most part, they make very few investments, but see very many companies and get to choose the top 5% of all companies they see.

 But again, investors and investment types differs very widely across different company types and business vertical so to get more precise information, potential of getting an investment needs to be examined on a case by case basis.

For more a out technology and growth investors, take a look at which is the biggest available database of investors and the companies in which they invest.
 If your company fits the profile of the type of business they typically invest in, you can  make an account there for your business.

As you can see raising money is not simple. If this is a major hurdle for you, you have two options:
1. Change your business idea to be a little bit simpler and not require so much money.
2. Start marketing to get your clients so that you can grow from revenue instead of outside funding.

We have marketing articles that helps you become a better marketer, which may be interesting for you to consider.

There are many government and non-government available grants. The problem with grants Is that in comparison to the number of people who would like to receive grants, there are very few grants available.

Additionally, most grant tend to be given out to nonprofits or to  already operational organizations. Additionally, the application process and the wait time is a big distraction from actually working on your actual business.

If you are based in United States, take a look at for a list of possible grants and more general guidelines.


Unfortunately, most companies never raise money, get loans, or grant. Additionally, most early stage business are simply not a fit to get bank loans, government grants, or investments from professional investors.

So keep in mind that when you are embarking on a fundraising campaign, you risk time and resources which can often equate to money spent, and could otherwise have been directed towards growing your business.

As previously mentioned, focusing on raising money will take resources away from your efforts.

Those resources could have otherwise been used to improve products quality, marketing, sales, or any other task needed to grow the company.

What make sense for many businesses  is to try to grow as far as they can without raising money, and when the business can demonstrate growth, it will not only be simpler to raise  money, but in many cases that money will come at a cheaper cost to you in terms of efforts, or the equity you give up.

If your business need a large amount of money to get started knowing that it is extremely difficult to raise large sums of money during the early stages of the business.

It may be a good alternative to consider a different kind of a strategy where the business is cheaper to start.

For example, instead of restaurant , it may be better to start with a food cart or truck. In case of complex website and online business ideas, it may be a better option to start with simpler ideas and work your way up.

If you can find an inexpensive strategy to get you business off the ground, self-funding becomes a viable option.

Some of the best things to do is to save money by working in the industry in which you are looking to start your business.

Doing that will allow you to get paid to learn the industry so that when you are ready to start your business, you have more money, experience and knowledge of the industry.

Of course putting your work on the line is a big risk. But It can help you to remain independent of needing outside money, and to focus purely on  running your businesss.

One of the best ways to fund your company is through the revenue of the company, if you have a way to get revenue from clients, you can spend a part of that revenue trying to get more paying clients.

Getting paying client and learning how to get more and   more of them is precisely what can make your business sustainable.

It is very difficult for a new business to make itself profitable from revenue in the early stages, but if you can , it a great way to go.


Sometimes the best way to raise money for your business is by either having a full time job or a part time job. That way you don’t have to rely on anyone else and can have a steady income.

Due to thousand of questions over time about making money i recently released an article  How to make passive/active income with Face App.  i hope it proves to be helpful.

If you found this helpful, please consider giving us a nice review on our facebook and also drop a comment.

We hope this article was helpful to you and we wish you much enjoyment and success in your venture

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How to make Google Index your New Article Faster | Pingomatic




How to let Google Index your New Article Faster

Google is not indexing my site faster, that has been the problem of most newbie bloggers.

Here in this article am going to show you how to make Google index your newly published articles faster.

Do you know that the best way to get your article index quickly is by sending pings to Google and other search engines.

What is a Ping?

Pinging is the process of sending
notifications to search engines to tell them that your blog or website has been updated and has to be re-crawled.

In SEO, pinging means to tell search
engines about your newly created
backlinks so that they are crawled and
are counted.

So how do you send pings?

A tool like Pingomatic saves you the
trouble of submitting these notifications
to all the different directories as it helps you to submit your link to a bunch of different of directories at once.

What is Pingomatic and How can it let Google Index My site

Pingomatic is an online tool that helps index post published faster into search engine query,

by sending pings to search engines which let Google bots know that you have a new article or you have updated your blog and it should index it.

Pingomatic also send pings links to other directories like, Bing, Yandex, My Yahoo, Collecta, etc.

This tool is used by accepted by many top bloggers to index their blog links faster, especially whenever a new article is been published.

Most of the bloggers I know recommend Pingomatic as an essential tool to ping links.

Earlier, I was confused with the pinging mechanism, I don’t feel any need of using pinging service.

Because my business site links automatically get crawled and index by the search engines.

But I came to discover that there are many cases in which indexing takes longer than the standard time duration.

So to reduce this time span between publishing and indexing a blog post, you can use the ping service like Pingomatic.

Pingomatic What does it this Tool Really Do?

The Pingomatic sends multiple ping requests at a time to different directories and search engines.

Thus, it updates them about the blog update.

If you are running a news portal where you need to publish frequently, Pingomatic becomes handy to send manual pings to major search engines.

How to send Pings with Pingomatic?

Using this tool is very simple, Here is the outline step by step procedures on how to send your first ping to Google for indexing and other directories using pingomatic tool.

  • First of all, head over to Pingomatic In the Blog Name , write the title of the post
  • Next in the Blog Home Page section, put the URL of the new pjblished post without having an HTTP:// or Https://


  • Click on the Check all in Common Services to select all the services in the list and finally hit the “ Send
    Pings ” button to send a ping request to all registered services in one go.


    Avoid sending pings or using Pingomatic tool, when you don’t have a new published post.

    Here is the kind of response they will send to you.

    Google index

    Google Index | can Pingomatic do the job

    Yes and No.

    A ping doesn’t directly improve your
    rankings, but it does alert the search
    engines of the existence of your webpage
    link so that your page can be crawled.

    So if you have published something new
    or have just updated an article, you can
    get Google (or another search engine) to
    re-crawl your page faster.

    When they do, your rankings may

    However, if you have authoritative and
    legit links, then you likely don’t need to
    ping – search engines will easily find your links without you needing to do anything.

    Why you should use Pingomatic

    You can index your links faster than usual, You can also ping your backlinks.

    It has multiple services at one place, so you needn’t go on different sites to ping the lnks.

    It gives expected outcomes most of the times.

    It is trusted by many bloggers and webmasters. Easy to use.

    Here are other useful resources

    6 Best way to drive more website visitors

    How to drive traffic to your site from Google news

    Top 15 SEO strategy you forgot

    Do you find this content useful, Plz use the commetn below to encourage use more, and you can runs cheeses .

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    Business ideas

    How to write a resume in 2019 that will get you an instant job




    How to write a resume in 2019 that will get you instant job

    A resume provides a summary of your education, work history, credentials, and other accomplishments and skills.

    There are also optional sections, including a resume objective and career summary statement.

    Resumes are the most common document requested of applicants in job applications.

    A resume should be as concise as possible. Typically, a resume is one page long, although sometimes it can be as long as two pages.

    Here is how to write a resume that will land you a job instantly.

    1. First, take notes on your work experience – both paid and unpaid, full time and part-time. Write down your responsibilities, job title and company information, including everything.

    2. Take notes on your education. Includes degree or Certificates, major or course emphasis, school names, and courses relevant to career objectives.

    3. Take notes on other accomplishments, includes membership in organizations, military services, and any other special accomplishments.

    4. From the notes, choose which skills are transferable (similar skills) to the job you are applying for – these are the most important points for your resume.

    5. Begin resume by writing your full name, address, telephone number, fax and email at hope to obtain.

    6. Write an objective. The objective is a short sentence describing what type of work you hope to obtain.

    7. Begin work experience with your most recent jobs include the company specifics and your responsibilities – focus on the skills you have identified as transferable.

    8. Continue to list all of your work experience jobs by job progressing backward in time. Remember to focus on a transferable skill.

    9. Summarize your education, including important facts (degree type, specific courses studied) that apply to the job you are applying for.

    10. Include other relevant information such as languages spoken, computer programming knowledge, etc. under the heading Additional Skills.

    11. Finish with the phrase: REFERENCES available upon request.

    12. Your entire resume should ideally not be any longer than one page. If you have had several years of experiences specific to the job you are applying for, two pages are also acceptable.

    13. Spacing: ADDRESS (center of the page in bold) OBJECTIVE double space EXPERIENCE double space EDUCATION double space ADDITIONAL SKILLS double space REFERENCE left-align everything except name/address.

    Resume Tips

  • Use dynamic action verbs such as accomplished: collaborated, encouraged, established, facilitated, founded, managed, etc.
  • Do not use the subject T, use tenses in the past. Except for your present job. Example: Conducted routine inspections of on-site equipment.
  • How to write a resume in 2019 that will get you instant job


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    How you can Make $100 Online Everyday with Zero Investment




    How you can Make $100 Online Everyday with Zero Investment

    Yes it possible, you can actually make over $100 online everyday with zero investment.

    Let this be as an inspirations to all bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, online business addict especially the newbie to keep on striving for more and researching, learning to increase their skills and productivity.

    Because the world is growing more digital everyday, more opportunities are online more than in the society these days and this seems alarming and every inspired youth or entrepreneur would know the importance in building up high income skills.

    And for those who don’t know what I mean by High Income Skills, here is a detailed guide of what high income skills are, and how they can help you create a side hustle and eventually make you go debt free.

    Let Get Started

    Life as an entrepreneur has never been so easy, day in day out entrepreneurs have to keep searching for

    what they will introduce that will be of great value to the public and inturn yield more income to them

    lot of researches are done and sometimes may lead to burnout.

    Giving up on making money online is not so strange to any one who strive to start an online income stream,

    because of the rate of false site, scams, trials and errors, investing much and getting little to no income.

    I have gone through trials and error in search of a way to make my first $100 online just like you, but I never gave up because i never recorded a failure.


    Yes, I don’t believe in failure, giving up and to me failure doesn’t exit.

    A short scenario

    If you are eager to make money online, to have an extra source of income online or to turn hours you spend online productive, and you were able to try out over 30 websites and applications and you could not make money from it.

    You discovered that there were all scams.

    Now it doesn’t mean you failed in your research, it means you have actually gained knowledge. You discovered over 30 websites and applications that cannot make you money.

    Don’t you think that an achievement and that the kind of mindset you should have if you really want to be successful in online business.

    Before i will show you how you can actually make over $100 online everyday you have to change your perspective when it comes to making money online, you have to understand there will be surely time for higher income and time for lower income.

    This is what is required of you.

    1. Thought and Emotion

    You must realize that the root of all your pain, suffering and negativity is solely tied to the recurring thoughts you entertain.

    These recurring thoughts act to alter your perception that both the emotion you feel during the thoughts you experience and the subject of that thought.

    This mean, not regarding to what business trial and error you have encountered online, the times you have been scammed, the times you profited and lost.

    Should affect your motives when it comes to securing more business opportunity online and taking actions when required.

    2. Words.

    You have to understand that people are evolved to judge others on their emotions as a evolutionary tool to quickly determine. If a person is trustworthy.

    People judge the authenticity of your character to see if you legit in all circumstances.

    When you are the words you present don’t match the words you are saying and the actions you are doing (including your online post, online profiles, past records).

    So this implies that you have to be bothered in securing and maintaining a legit business name.

    3. Action

    To be able to make over $100 online everyday you should be able to determine when to take actions when opportunity strikes and when not to take action.

    What kind of business to take action on, the kind of investment opportunity to venture in that will yield more money and the one to spare that may actually seem productive but will eventually lead no rewards.



    Listed here are online business opportunity that will make you a fortune.

    1 Blogging.

    Now what a blog, a blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first.

    It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject or niche.

    You may be conversant with the word Blog, but the fact is that not every blog you see makes money, there are some tactics that need to be employed before a blogger can start streaming making over $100 on a daily basic or more.

    There is no limit to the amount you can earn with a blog, you can earn thousands to millions of dollars daily with a blog.

    And the most amazing fact is that you can start a blog business below $100 or zero income depending on the blogging platform you want to start with.

    But there are certain areas that bloggers need to be clear about when it comes to starting a profitable blog, and this affect their blogging business not been able to generate rewards.

    A blogger can make $100 everyday with a blog either by running sponsored adverts, adsense adverts, selling backlinks, writing reviews, branding, selling personal course, ecommerce integration and other various means.

    Start your blog business now with this two guide.

    This is a guide to show you how you can actually make over $100 blogging even as an newbie
    This will show you everything you need to know before you start up a profitable blog.

    2. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a way you get paid from promoting and successfully selling products.

    It quite simple, you find a product you like advertise it and get commission for any sales through you.

    You can advertise the product either offline and online based on your location and make over $100 daily from sales.

    They are lot of affiliate company out there, and you can be a full member of more than one affiliate and promote any product of your choice.

    The other of it kinds is MLM marketing, this is a pyramid selling, network marketing and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services,

    where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services.

    while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.

    Visit here to know more about MLM marketing and the Top MLM marking companies in the world to join today.

    Also other of it kind is CPC affiliate, in this case you don’t need to even sale a product before you get your commission.

    This is a guide for you to know more about CPC affiliate and listed in this guide is the best CPC company to register with.

    With any of this affiliate marketing online business you can be able to make over $100 everyday.

    The good part is that you can even works as a CPC Marketer and the same times as a multilevel marketer.

    3. Taking Online Surveys

    Online surveys can be a quick way to make over $100 online everyday from home.

    There are plenty of reputable online surveys sites that you can sign up and do regular surveys for cash.

    You can make $100 daily from signing up with several surveys platform, to get unlimited surveys which will sum up to over $100.

    But in this case there seems to be a limitations of countries to partake in survey, and also some people don’t know how online survey works.

    I have created a telegram group where guide and free training on taking online survey irrespective of your country location.

    There are lot of survey companies, but before signing up with any of this companies,

    You need to know the rate at which they send surveys on a daily or weekly basis.

    I have created a twitter channel to lecture about Survey and the best Survey companies to join, you can join if you want to really take action today. Telegram Channel

    4. Becoming an Online Micro –Worker

    Microwork is a series of small tasks which together comprise a large unified project, and are completed by many people over the internet.

    There are lot of Microtasking companies which you can signup with, the only limitation is that they require specialized skills.

    The wage paid range from a few cents per task is tag $100 per project.

    If you are able to complete more than one task a day you can definitely make more than $100 everyday, or likewise you sign up with more than one micro tasking company to get more micro task callup.

    A guide for you to get started with Microjobs, and the Best micro jobs companies to apply.

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