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6 Best Ways of Driving Google Traffic to your Website



Google Traffic

The 5 Fastest (And Most Effective) Ways
to Increase Website Traffic

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) can drive plenty of traffic to your website if done well.

SEO is a combination of on-page and off-page factors that helps the popular search
engines match user inquiries with web content and hereby generating quality unique Google traffic.

The resulting links are served on what’s
known as search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Traffic


If your site comes up on the first page,
especially among the top three links displayed by the search engine, chances are very good that people will click the link and visit your website.

Getting to first page on Google and other search engines will enormously generate tons of Google traffic/Search engine traffic to your site.

So what’s the magic secret to achieving that coveted top slot on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, among other search engines?.

The secret is SEO, shorthand for a combination of approximately 200 factors that build a profile of your website for the search engines and help it understand what your site is about and why it’s the best one out there.

A search engine’s job is simply to match a user’s query to the absolute best match it can find to the query topic.

Your job as a marketer or a blogger or a site owner is to help the search engines find your site and think it’s the greatest one among the potentially millions sharing similar information.

Getting Google traffic is the best, and to do that you need to get your site showing at the top pages in Google search.

To do that, you need to leverage as many of those 200 factors as you can.

Obviously, 200 SEO factors is a lot to consider. We’ve narrowed down those factors to the top 5 that will help you get the most traffic to your site.

If you’re interested in pursuing this
topic further, we’ve reviewed both the best software and local search options to help you navigate the world of SEO.

Google Traffic

Google Analysis

Google Traffic | Getting Search Engine Optimization for free

These five SEO tactics are among those most frequently cited by webmasters as the fastest and most effective ways to improve your SERPS and increase website traffic.

And of which you can check your site traffic details with Google analysis, after you have applied thus strategy to know if it work out for you.

Way 1. Build a strong list of high traffic, low competition keywords:

Keywords are the foundation of all SEO work. Keywords are the words or phrases that users type into search engine to find something.

You can search for keywords related to your website
by using free tools online and my favorite favorite of all the tool online is Ubbersuggest, a free tool created by Neil Patel and Google’s Keyword Planne.

The most effective way to use this tools drive Google traffic is to Look for high traffic (2,000 or more searches per month) and low competition which is absolutely necessary.

If your using Neil Patel tool, then you should go for keywords that have high Cpc (Cost per clkck), low SD (Search difficulty) and finally low PD (Paid search difficulty).

Because the lower the SD and PD the hight chances your site post to be visible on Google first page and other search engines, while the higher the SD and PD the less chances you have.

If you have to choose between high traffic or high competition, choose a higher traffic keyword

Way 2. Optimize on page:

On-page optimization starts with strong page titles that include the target keyword phrase.

Your online content must be both engaging to people and include your keyword phrases.

Try to work your phrases into the copy as close to the
start of the page copy as possible and into at least one heading or subheading on the page.

Make sure that your page URL includes the keyword.

Many website builders come with built-in SEO optimization as well. These SEO friendly builders are easy to use and make creating a website quick and stress free.

Here is a guide to put your through for site Optimization

Way 3. Check and increase backlinks:

Backlinks are links from other websites into your site. The more backlinks you have from authoritative sites, the better the search engines like your content.

How do you now get quality backlinks?

  • You can ask for backlinks exchange for some website which accept backing exchanges
  • You can drop a backlink-exchange to your blog when commenting in other blog, but your must do it in a polite manner, for it not to be marked as spam
  • You can offer free guest post in exchange of backlinks
  • You can use a tool such as Ahrefs to check your current links and see what your starting point is.
  • Adding backlinks takes time and effort. You can increase the number of links by adding resources to your site such as checklists, downloads and presentations that others want to link to or share.

Way 4. Responsive design:

Responsive design means that your website responds to the device accessing it and changes its navigations and appearance based on what the device needs.

Google prefers sites that are optimized for mobile devices, so make sure that at a minimum, your site displays well on mobile devices, with that your Google traffic will also increase.

Way 5. Site speed:

Keep those picture files low resolution so that they load quickly. Make sure that your overall site loads as quickly as possible (loads in seconds).

WebSite speed is another often-overlooked SEO factor, but faster sites tend to rank better on Google and other search engines, hereby increasing the Google traffic and seo of that site.

Way 6. Getting your website into Google News

Here, is the peak of getting Google Traffic with ease, most people have not been aware of this opportunity Google has brought.

If you can submit and get your website approved in Google news, then your hunt for traffic is over, because Google favors those sites that are in Google news first when a query is input into Google.

But how can you get your site into Google news, we I have openly provided the step by step procedures to get you going, Here are the strategies for getting your site submitted and approved in Google news

For those who are wanting to start a blog Business, but don’t know how should check this out. Blog Business 101 free guide, and for those not earning with their blog yet or want to maximize their earning, check How the Word Leverage can increase your blog income

Although, My Alternative Tactics to Increase Website Traffic apart from Google traffic. In addition, to these effective SEO tactics, here are other ways I do use to increase website traffic.

Here are my Favorites

Social media

It offers another great way to reach large audiences of interested people, so cultivate those networks carefully, sharing relevant, engaging content and links to your website content with your followers and fans.

And how do you build your fans and followers, it by following this strategy to create a trending business Facebook page

Guest posting

This increase my website traffic through the use of backlinks. Guest posting mean reaching out via a personal email to webmasters and offering an original blog post or article in exchange for a link to your website.

Press release

Often, distribution can be an effective way to add plenty of backlinks quickly and also indirectly generate more Google traffic.

Press release services share your press release across newswires, which in turn publish the release to multiple websites simultaneously.

This reaches thousands of people through multiple websites, and can even distribute your content beyond the immediate publications if it’s picked up by other news outlets.

Nevertheless, Driving traffic to your website either Google traffic or other alternatives takes time. With SEO, you have a comprehensive set of tools you can use to increase website traffic and in turn, increase the number of leads and sales from your site.

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Forex Basic | learn how to read a Forex quote




Forex basic | learn how to read a Forex quote

As a general rule, each currency has a three letters symbol, which is used in Forex quotes.

The first two letters identify the name of the country while the third letter identifies the name of that country’s currency.

For example:

• AUD (Australian dollars)

• JPY (Japanese yen)

• CHF (swiss francs)

•CAD (canadian dollars).

When trading currencies, the trade is always done in pairs and so when you buy one currency, another currency is simultaneously being sold.

Forex trading

The most commonly traded currency pairs are

• Euro and US Dollar (EUR/USD)

• US Dollar and the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

• US Dollar and Swiss franc (USD/CHF)

• British Pound and US Dollar (GBP/USD)

The most commonly traded currency pairs are made from the most common and actively
traded currencies which are called the “Majors”.

The list of currencies below consists of the Majors

• USD (US dollars)

• EUR (European Euros)

• GBP (United Kingdom pounds)

• JPY (Japanese yen)

• AUD (Australian dollars)

• CHF (Swiss francs)

• CAD (Canadian dollars)

When quoting currency pairs, the first currency is referred to as the Base currency while the second referred to as the Counter or Quote currency.

The currency pair is used to represent how much Quote currency is required to exchange


• EUR/USD 1.3500 mean that one Euro is traded for 1.35 USD.

As such the Base currency is always equal to 1 monetary unit of exchange.

The dominant base currencies are, in order of frequency, the EuR, GBP, and USD.

When a currency is quoted against the US Dollar it is called a direct rate.

Any currency pair that does not trade against the US Dollar is referred to as a cross rate.

So what takes place once a trade is taking place?


• You buy British Pounds with the US Dollars – (GBP/USD), anticipating, the Pound to increase in value relative to the Dollar.

If the Pound rises relative to the Dollar, you sell the position (you Sell British Pound) and have made a profit.

Keep in mind that there are no standard cross-currency Quotes.

Some have the base currency on the top while others have it on the bottom.

So how can you tell which is which?

You need to know at least one pair of currencies and which one of the pair is the more valuable.

Dominant Base Currencies


• British Pound – GBP/USD, GBP/CHF, GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD


The Pip

The pip is the smallest unit of change in which a currency pair can move.

In the Forex world, currencies are traded in fractions of a Cent, or Euro, and so on.

Nearly all currency pairs consist of five significant digits and most pairs have the decimal point immediately after the first digit, with four decimal points to follow.

For example

EUR/ usd is equals to 1.3377.

In this example, a single pip equals the smallest change in the fourth decimal place – that is, 0.0001.

Therefore, if the quote currency in any pair is USD, then one pip always equal 1/100 of a cent.

The only notable exception to this rule is the USD/JPY pair where a pip equals $0.01.

A numeric example

You buy the EUR/USD, which is quoted with five digits in all out of which 4 decimals, at 1.3530 and sell it later at 1.3542.

The difference would be +12 pips, or. 0012.

However, in the case of the uSD/JPY currency pair, one has to make a note that it is quoted with only 2 decimals.

And so if you bought the uSD/JPY at 110.51 and it then went down to 110.31 where you have sold it, the difference would be -20 pips, or. 20 pips loss.

The pip difference would determine your calculation of profit/loss on the trade.

As mentioned earlier, the quote currency is translated into a certain number of units of the base currency.

For example

A quote of EuR/uSD at 1.35 means that, for every 1 euro, you get 1.35 uS dollars.

When the price of the quoted currency goes up, it indicates that the base currency

is becoming stronger and so one unit of the base currency will buy more of the quote currency.

On the other hand, if the price of the quote currency falls, the base currency is becoming weaker.

The Bid and the Ask

Forex quotes are shown in ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ prices.

The Bid is the price at which the market
maker is ready to buy a given currency

pair and so at this price the trader (seller) can sell the base currency to the market maker,

The Bid is shown on the left side of the quotation.

On the other hand, the ask is the price at which the market maker is ready to sell

given currency pair and so at this price the trader (buyer) can buy the base currency from the market maker,

The ask is shown on the right side of the quotation.

The ask price is also called the offer price.

Symbol Bid Ask

EUR/USD 1.3517 1.3520

Over the above Quote sample we can buy from the market maker one euro for 1.3520

american dollars, or sell one euro for 1.3517 american dollars to the market maker.

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Mitrobe Daily Quotes

Entrepreneur Mindset | Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail.




Entrepreneur mindset

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are, and have always been, the greatest enemies of success and happiness.

For this reason, top salespeople and entrepreneurs work continually to confront the fears that hold most salespeople back.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear.” (Mark Twain)

The two major fears that stand as the greatest obstacles on your road to success are the fear of failure, or loss, and the fear of criticism, or rejection.

These are the major enemies to be overcome.

As it happens, it is not failure or rejection that hurts you or holds you back.

It is the fear of failure or rejection.

It is the anticipation or expectation of failure or rejection that paralyzes you and blocks you from doing what you need to do to achieve your goals.

The truth is that everyone is afraid of something, and often, many things.

Everyone you meet is afraid of failure and rejection in some way.

The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero is brave just a couple of minutes longer.

The average person moves away from and avoids the fear-causing situation.

The brave person forces himself or herself to confront the fear and does it anyway.

Glen Ford, the actor, once said,

“If you do not do the thing you fear, then the fear controls your life.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson said his entire life was changed when he read the words,

“If you would be a great success, make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.”

And I say

Act as if it where impossible to fail

Entrepreneur Mindset | Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail.

Because you can never make off anything if you scared, to have a successful business, career, life, or anything, you have to do one thing. And that is THE HUSTLE

The fear of failure, the major obstacle that holds you back, is felt in the solar plexus and experienced in the feeling of: “I can’t!”

The way that you neutralize this feeling is by repeating the phrase, “I can! I can!” over and over.

Even more effective for neutralizing the fear of failure, say to yourself, “I can do it! I can do it!” over and over, until you actually believe it.

Whenever you repeat the words “I can do it!” your fears diminish and your self- confidence increases.

When you repeat to yourself the words, “I like myself! I’m the best! I can do it!”

you boost your self-esteem and self-image to the point where eventually you feel unstoppable.

You create within yourself the mindset of the high performance entrepreneur.

Then, as Emerson said, “Do the thing and you will have the power.”

Here is a key point about fear of any kind.

Instead of waiting until you feel courageous enough, do the thing you fear, and the courage will come afterwards.

As Aristotle said, “Act as if you already had the quality you desire, and you shall have it.”

Action Exercise: Identify the one great fear that holds you back from throwing your whole heart into becoming a big success in your field.

There is always at least one fear lurking in the back of your mind.

Now imagine that you do not have this fear at all. Imagine that you are totally unafraid in every part of your sales work.

Imagine that you are guaranteed of complete success in everything you do.

How would you act or behave if you had no fears at all?

Whatever your answer, from now on, act as it if were impossible to fail, and it shall be! Fake it until you make it.

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7 secret of sale success practise by highpaid salespeople




Sales success

There are seven secrets, or principles, of sales success.

They are practiced by all the highest paid salespeople every day.

The regular application of these secrets is virtually guaranteed to move you to the top of your field. Check also how to get your sales funnel full with offers

Do a little bit more than average and from that point on your progress multiplies itself out of all proportion to the effort put in.” (Paul J. Meyer)

7 secret of sale success practise by highpaid salespeople

Sale Success Secret One

Get serious! Make a decision to go all the way to the top of your field.

Make a today decision to join the top 10%.

There is no one and nothing that can hold you back from being the best Salesexcept yourself.

Remember, it takes just as long to be great as to be mediocre.

The time is going to pass anyway. Your job is to commit to excellence, to get better

and better each day, and to never, never stop until you reach the summit.

Sales Success Secret Two

Identify your limiting skill to sales success.

Identify your weakest single skill and make a plan to become absolutely excellent in that area.

Ask yourself, and your boss, “What one skill,

if I developed and did it consistently in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my sales?”

Whatever your answer to this question, write it down, set a deadline, make a plan, and then work on it every day.

This decision alone can change your life.

Sales Success Secret Three

Get around the right people. Get around positive, successful people.

Associate with men and women who are going somewhere with their lives.

And get away from negative, critical, complaining people.

They drag you down, tire you out, distract and discourage you,and lead you inevitably to underachievement and failure.

Remember, you cannot fly with the eagles if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.

Sales Success Secret Four

Take excellent care of your physical health.

You need high levels of energy to sell effectively, and to bounce back from continual rejection and discouragement.

Be sure to eat the right foods, get the right amount of exercise and get plenty of rest and recreation.

Make a decision that you are going to live to be 80 years old, or more, and begin today to do whatever you have to do to achieve that goal.

Sales Success Secrets Five

Visualize yourself as one of the top people in your field.

Imagine yourself performing at your best all day long.

Feed your subconscious mind with vivid, exciting, emotionalized pictures of yourself as positive, confident, competent and completely in control of every part of your life.

These clear mental pictures preprogram you and motivate you to sell at your best in any situation.

Sales Success Secret Six

Practice positive self-talk continually. Control your inner dialogue.

Talk to yourself the way you want to be rather than the way you might be today.

For example, repeat to yourself these powerful words, over and over again.

“I like myself! I’m the best! I can do it! I love my work!”

Say to yourself, “I feel happy! I feel healthy! I feel terrific!”

Remember, fully 95% of your emotions are determined by the way you talk to yourself, most of the time.

The way you feel determines how you behave.

And how you behave determines how much you sell.

Your job is to get yourself on an upward spiral where you think and talk to yourself positively, all day long.

You think, walk, talk and act like the very best people in your field. When you do, your success becomes inevitable.

Sales Success Secret Seven

Take positive action toward your goals, every single day. Be proactive rather than reactive. Grab the bull by the horns.

If you are not happy with your income, get out there and get face to face with more customers.

If you are not happy with any part of your life, accept responsibility and take charge.

All successful salespeople are intensely action oriented.

They have a sense of urgency. They develop a bias for action.

They do it now! They have a compulsion to closure.

They maintain a fast tempo and move quickly in everything they do.

And the good news is this. The faster you move, the more energy you have.

The faster you move, the more ground you cover.

The faster you move, the more people you see.

The more people you see, the more experience you get.

The more experience you get, the more sales you make.

The more people you see and the more sales you make, the more your self-esteem and self respect goes up, and the more you will feel like great about yourself.

You will have more energy. You will be happier and more positive.

The faster you move, the more you take complete control of your entire life and virtually guarantee that you will be one of the top performers and the highest paid people in your field.

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