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8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference



8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 1

8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 2

Facebook F8 Developer Conference just wrapped and marketers can go ahead and pop the bubbly!

Want to know the UPGRADES, FEATURES & NEWS from the big Facebook conference?

Here are the eight things that happened at the Facebook F8 Conference every marketer must know.

1. Facebook’s Focus is on Facebook Messenger

A big portion of the conference changed into given over to one situation — Facebook Messenger.

Over the past few months, it’s been apparent that Facebook is transferring plenty of their growing strength and advertising prowess closer to Messenger.

During the convention keynotes, speakers held nothing back in promoting, improving, and pushing Messenger to the front of the communique.

Facebook Messenger is the destiny of Facebook.

Ever considering the fact that its beginning, it’s been common place to describe the Facebook app as Facebook’s “middle product.”

Now, it looks like this is converting.

One of the largest shifts, defined in quantity below, is that the crumbling News Feed is giving way to a greater intimate information feed-fashion method, however one this is a part of the Messenger app, not the Facebook app!

All of this is good for marketers. Here is a good read, Persuasive Sales Skills every business owner must know to increase is sales

Mix in a few cautiously-crafted chatbots, and the sector is your advertising oyster.
Facebook knows this — that companies stand to benefit from the accelerated repute of Messenger.

Heck, they engineered it to be so!
After all, Facebook is a B2C organization.

Consumers don’t deliver them money.

Facebook gets its sales from companies.

The primacy of Messenger is Facebook’s new play with the intention to gain both Facebook as a organization and corporations advertising and marketing to consumers.

In this spirit, Facebook gave a nod to the developers who are gambling a critical position in pushing the app ahead. (Check out MobileMonkey: 4th row down, 2nd from the proper.)

Takeaway: Facebook Messenger advertising and marketing continues to be the location of strongest advertising opportunity for the foreseeable destiny.

Be positive to take gain of the power of Facebook Messenger chatbots, Facebook Messenger tools,

Facebook Messenger commercials, and other Facebook Messenger hacks.

8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 3

2. Messenger is being redesigned as a dedicated area for near connections.

Messenger will become almost like a secondary social community, however one that is only for close friends and family.

The 2nd tab within Messenger will include a feed (of kinds) that has most effective data and updates from near friends and loved ones.

This is the brand new location to percentage reputation updates, view stories, and preserve watch parties.

Takeaway: Customers will most in all likelihood be spending some distance greater time inside Messenger than earlier than, devoting their time within the app to interacting with their closest connections.

Businesses the usage of Messenger chatbots have the internal song to interacting with clients within this greater non-public social experience.

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3. Facebook Messenger is getting manner faster.

Facebook calls it Operation Lightspeed — the mission to make Facebook Messenger faster and lighter.

The updated Messenger app will soak up less space, require much less battery, and boast improved reliability.

Takeaway: Messenger could have an improved person enjoy, inflicting customers to apply it with more frequency and longer length.

Businesses benefit a bonus due to the fact their capability customers may have better ranges of engagement, leading to more a success Facebook Messenger advertising.

8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 4

4. Messenger will have end-to-quit encryption by way of default.

Facebook has had a few privacy debacles inside the beyond, however they may be running tough to transport beyond those errors and create an intensely private destiny.

To that end, Messenger can have default end-to-cease encryption through the quit of the year.

Takeaway: With end-to-give up encryption, Messenger customers will sense extra secure on the app, and as a consequence will transfer that feeling of safety to the businesses with which they have interaction.

5. Messenger customers can message contacts on WhatsApp and Instagram (and vice versa).

We already knew this, but it’s nevertheless cool to get enthusiastic about it.

After all, this move noticeably expands the attain of all three messaging systems.

Takeaway: It’s clear that corporations have large potential with the circulate towards interoperability.

It’s doubtful what this actually looks as if in praxis. Either manner, it’ll be important for entrepreneurs to recognize and gain familiarity with all three systems.

6. Messenger is getting a computing device app.

Finally! WhatsApp has had one for some time, and now it’s Messenger’s flip.

Messenger’s computer app might be a latecomer, but it will be a great addition to Messenger’s functionality.

Takeaway: The new computing device app may additionally change how people use and have interaction with the app, probable.

increasing the time that customers spend or the manner that they engage. Marketers should use the laptop app as quickly because it’s available to experience the appearance and experience of ways customers may be interacting with messages.

8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 5

7. Messenger will offer corporations with lead era templates in Ads Manager.

Advertising is getting a whole new elevate with the addition of lead generation templates for businesses.

These can be to be had in Ads Manager.

Businesses can create Messenger advertisements that power customers to a Messenger Q&A sequence, thus segmenting customers and giving customers a superior enjoy with that commercial enterprise.

Here’s exactly how Facebook defined the exchange in their Newsroom post:

Takeaway: We have a number of questions about technical information, however we may be sure that Facebook wants organizations to succeed with customers inside the redesigned Messenger revel in.

8. Messenger will natively assist appointment booking with corporations.

Messenger will make lead generation better for businesses. Messenger will assist the included capability for customers to set appointments with companies.

There’s no need for an out of doors integration anymore. The introduction of an appointment among business and customer will manifest natively within Messenger.

Takeaway: Obviously, this is massive for groups. Whether you’re scheduling a real estate displaying, a private education appointment, a hair styling consultation, or a eating place reservation, appointment setting directly among commercial enterprise and consumer will streamline and enhance the patron/commercial enterprise courting.

Facebook Messenger Marketing – Bottom Line Takeaways

Messenger is converting – from the very cause of the app itself to its look and experience, it’s undergoing an intensive evolution.

The Facebook Messenger evolution favors groups and entrepreneurs. And, more to the factor, it favors the companies and marketers who’re taking complete gain of Messenger chatbots.

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Network Marketing and Top 10 MLM Leading Companies in the World




Network Marketing and Top 10 MLM Leading Companies in the World 6

Network Marketing and Top 10 MLM Leading Companies in the World 7
Network marketing 
A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesss are also  multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level.

Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking on part time, flexible businesses.

Some of the best known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

Network marketing programs features  a low upfront investment-usually only a few hundred dollars for the purchase of a product sample kit and the opportunity to sell a product line directly or  friend, family and other personal contacts.

Most network marketing program also ask participants to recruit other sales representatives.

The recruits constitute a rep’s “down-line” and their sales generate income for those above them in the program.

Things cant get sticky when a network marketing compensates participants primarily for recruiting others rather than for selling the company’s product or services.

A network marketing system in which most of the revenue comes from recruitment may be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

Network marketing involves the direct sales of products to consumers.

While network marketers don’t need a specified amount of education, individuals interested in network marketing can take advantage of degree programs, marketing and sales management.

Network marketing also known as multi level marketing (MLM), is a direct selling method that uses a network of people to sell a product.

According to the IRS, network marketers earn money either directly selling products themselves or by recruiting others to sell products for them.

those persons in turn recruit others to sell the same product. And so on and so forth, until there is a hierarchy of distributors selling and promoting the products, hence the term multi-level marketing.

Each distributors is essentially an independent business owner, or more accurately put, an independent sales representatives.

Each representative gets paid for sales he or she makes, as well as sales made by each person he or she recruited.

Network marketers often earn bonuses for acquiring new distributors and customers and residual income on repeat business.

Although there are no specific educational requirement for direct sellers, individuals interested in network marketing may find it beneficial to take advantage of one of the selling and sales management degree programs available in the United States.

Some general course topics include professional selling, marketing, prospecting, sales motivation, consumer behavior, customer relations and sales management.

Network marketers may also find a degree in marketing or business administration very useful.

A degree program in marketing helps student understand the consumer market and the factors that influence consumer-purchasing decisions.

A degree in business administration prepares student to plan and direct the everyday operations of small business and large corporations.

A degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing may also prove helpful. Student learn the fundamental principles of marketing and selling, as well as how to run a business.

Some general course topics include advertising, sales, eCommerce, marketing management, marketing research, finance, accounting, human resources management and business ethics.

There are many types of network marketing including two tier programs and multi-level marketing, but many of the more solid marketing companies, like Avon are single tier.

 Single-Tier  Network Marketing:

You sign up with an affiliate program to sell their product or service.

You do not need to recruit other distributors and are only paid if you make a direct sales. Avon, is a company that uses single-tier networking marketing.

In some online affiliate programs you are only paid for traffic you have referred to the affiliate’s website.

Pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-lead (PPL) affiliate programs are other examples of single tier networking .

Two-Tier Networking Marketing:

This term applies to network marketing that pays you for direct sales (or traffic you refer to a website) and for direct sales or referred traffic made by affiliates or distributors you recruit to work under you. An example of a two-tier program is Ken Envoy’s Site sell.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a distribution based marketing network  that is two or more tiers “deep”. Some MLM programs allow you to make money five or more tiers deep. Example of MLM businesses include the Trump Network Magnetic Sponsoring, and Amway.

Here is the list of top 10 MLM leading Companies in the world:

1. Avon Products Inc: This company was founded in 1886 and sells cosmetic and FMCG goods. The estimated revenue of this American company is US $10.9 billion

2.  Amway: Founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos, this MLM Company has revenue of about $9.2 billion. Company offers skincare and Nutralite range of products

3. Natura Cosmeticos SA: This Brazilian MLM Company operates in 7 countries and has revenue of $3 billion. Company offers personal care

4. Vorwek $ Co. KG: This German company was founded in 1930 and mainly ideas in household appliance and cosmetics products. Overall revenue of the company is $2.9 billion.

5.  Herbal Life Ltd: Founded by Mark Hughes in 1980 this US based MLM Company offers products that are designed and developed by a Noble Prize Winner. Overall revenue of the company is $2.7 billion

6. Mary Kay Inc: This American company sells skincare and cosmetics products and was founded in 1963 Mary Kay Ash and the current revenue of the company are $2.5 billion

7. Tupperware Brands Corp: This American network marketing company mainly deals in high grade plastic products and posted a overall revenue of $2.3 billion. It was founded in 1946.

8. Oriflamme Cosmetics, S.A:  This company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick and deals in beauty and cosmetic products. Overall revenue of the company is $2.2 billion

9. Forever Living Products: This MLM company deals in cosmetics and is the larges aloe Vera producing company in the world. Founded in 1978 this company has got revenue of about $1.7 billion.

10. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc: This American direct selling company was founded in 1984 and sells nutritional supplements and personal care products with an overall revenue of $1.5 billion.

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Best CPA Network 2019: Peerfly Affiliate Marketing




Best CPA Network 2019: Peerfly Affiliate Marketing 8

Best CPA Network 2019: Peerfly Affiliate Marketing 9

CPA stands for cost per action. 

That means CPA network will pay you if you are sending the visitors to their websites who takes an action. 

Suppose you are promoting the offers, and somebody click you offer and take an action like filling a form with his email id, then you will be paid with dollars.
Comparative to traditional affiliate marketing, CPA marketing is the best for beginners. 

In traditional affiliate marketing, you have to sell the product to earn some commissions when people will buy their product. 

In addition, selling is not an easy task.

You have to spend your time and energy creating campaigns, which needs your ability to sell.

However, with CPA offers, you can easily make $100 within months without selling anything, if you could create the same campaign.

CPA offers will pay based on your visitors activity, such as if a visitor

  • Enters his email address 
  • Complete a short survey 
  • Enters his name and address 
  • Signs up for a free trial and product
Therefore, you can make money easily with CPA. No, need any special skill or talent. 

And if you have any special skills or talent then you should also option for this 7 Work from Home Skill that Works

Even if you are a beginner, still you can make cash with it.

All you have to do is promote their offers through your blog, email list, FB ads or any kind of PPC.
You have to drive traffic to their website and if anybody take action by leaving their email, zip code you will be paid.

There are 1000’s of offers in different categories.

You can choose the offers you would like to promote.

Therefore, in order to earn money from it, you have to be a publisher and be approved by them. There are 100’s of CPA network.

However, the CPA network I will recommend is

Because it is easy to get approved, suitable for beginners, No country restriction.  
Why I Recommended Peerfly CPA Network

Best CPA Network 2019: Peerfly Affiliate Marketing 10

Peerfly is an online affiliate network that uses CPA (Cost Per Action) as its primary pricing model. The company was founded in 2009.

With this CPA network, you will be given plenty of opportunities for marketing and conversion.

Since people are much more likely to complete an action that doesn’t cost them anything, you will likely to see good results with CPA marketing. 

Obviously, Peerfly has some great features that make it a truly unique affiliate network.  

The CPA model makes it easier for affiliates to earn more money, and their guarantee to give the highest payout is a very lucrative offer for affiliates. 

Peerfly also claims that it is one of a kind. 

Why make such bold statement?

Because they are a unique affiliate network based on the principle of CPA (cost per action) instead of the normal CPS (cost per sale) model that most networks follow.

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How to Start a Software Company




How to Start a Software Company 11
How to Start a Software Company 12
Software Ebook 

The information technology and software industries  has been a major contributor to the country’s progressive economic performance in the last couple of years. Top international organizations now are also keen to cash in on the lower expenses and the well trained workforce.
Legal procedures involved in starting a software company

To start with, a start-up software company should focus on the pre-registration process. They should also procure the following from relevant government offices:

  • Direct Identification Numbers
  • Reservation of company name
  • Electronic signatures
While applying for incorporation a software company needs to first identify its directors. The number of directors should not be lesser than 2 and more than 8.

In case the directors do not possess Directors Identification Numbers (DIN) they should apply for the same at the official website of the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 

Any one of the following documents can be submitted as an identity proof while applying for a DIN:

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voters ID Card
The applicants can also furnish any one of the below mentioned documents as residence proof while making this application:

  • Driving license
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Electricity bill
  • Voter ID card
  • Bank statement
  • Telephone bill
These processes are normally completed in lieu of fees. After the process of getting a DIN is complete the company has to make an application for securing a name for the company.

There are 5-6 possible names from which a company can choose. The additional names come in handy when the most preferred name is not available. 

The application for procuring a name has to be done online. The prospective owners need to visit the official website of the government and then download the Form 1A and fill it up. 
This is followed by the application for incorporation.

While applying for this purpose the owners need to come up with a Memorandum of Association that will have the names of the company’s first directors and its operation.

This application and the Form 1A should be submitted online at the official website of the concerned governmental department. Once the approval for incorporation comes the owners should print a minimum of 10-15 copies of the same and keep them as booklets. 

Otherwise, once the name registration is completed, the owners can authenticate every document from a bank and then take them to the Registrar of Companies.

The Registrar will undertake the process of formal incorporation of the concerned company. The owners should also procure a tax account number from the regional Income Tax Department. Registration can also be done through chartered accountants. 

After the company has been formally incorporated, the owners should open a current account at a well known bank for carrying out their operations. In order to open the bank account, the owners will have to furnish copies of their Memorandum of Association and Certificate of Incorporation. 
How to Start a Software Company 13
  • Programming 
Steps involved in opening a new software company

1. Creating a business plans

The entrepreneurs need to come up with two versions of a business plan – a detailed one and a customized one. The detailed plan will be used by the owners and the shorter version will be used to generate capital.

The business plan needs to be flexible as most of the times things do not go according to it.

2. Determining the type of business

The owners of a software company need to consider several factors before they start operations:

  • Type of products and services on offer
  • Profitability and feasibility
  • Target market
Ideally the software entrepreneurs need to consider the following options before they make a choice:

They should target a niche market as the competition in the established and saturated ones is pretty fierce
They are required to focus on using new channels for distribution that provide solutions in a more effective manner
They are supposed to provide new, better and economical solutions – otherwise customers may not be interested in buying the products

3. Products

The owners need to come up with a beta version of their product. Once a full fledged product is developed it should be protected through copyrights, patents, and trademarks. 
They should also use the web space to promote their product.

They can start by creating a website and then providing an online demo of their software. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter should also be used for purposes of promotion, providing information on new offers, and gaining feedback. 

4. Finances

Avenues such as angel investors, venture capital funds and events like can be explored for securing the start-up capital. 

5. Obtaining a STPI licenses

The STPI licenses are meant exclusively for new software companies operating in India and provide them with several benefits like zero taxes for 5 years and no export or import duty for hardware and software products.

These license holders can also avail office spaces at lower than usual rates. 

6. Suitable office spaces

When opening a software company, the owners should look for suitable office spaces. Ideally, a location that has the most appropriate infrastructural facilities such as consistent internet connection and internet availability should be chosen. 
To start with, the entrepreneurs can also look at making the minimum possible investment in securing the office premises.

The office space can be rented or leased and second hand computers and furniture can be used to start the operations. They can also avail open source software that will help in minimizing the costs. 

Importance of start-up teams and advisory boards.

The owners need to find like minded people who are willing to participate in their business. They should share similar levels of enthusiasm, in addition to skill and knowledge.

These collaborations are also helpful in providing distribution and marketing channels for the products and offering integrated solutions for users. 

Ideally the advisory team should comprise technology enthusiasts, marketing professionals and design experts along with experienced industry professionals who can provide valuable advice. 
7. Recruitment process

Once the company is up and running, the owners should focus on the recruitment process. India has an abundance of well trained professionals especially in the domain of software technology. 
However, the companies need to guard against over enthusiasm and choose their employees with care as in the end their success is going to help the organization achieve its objectives.

The owners should also remember that the best person for a job should be recruited even if that means paying that individual more than themselves. 

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