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Living in the Future | What you have to do



Living in the Future | What you have to do 1

We need to live in the future. Close yourself to the outside world. Open a piece of music, some classical music, right? I do not know what you need to listen to.

But I only want 30 minutes from you. Go to the basement, go to your secret places, go to the library, go to your room.

And I want you to dream for 30 minutes. I want you to live for 30 minutes in the future.

When I talk to some people I say that the problem is at the starting point.

The problem is; while you are living in the future, you are living currently time.

You are still talking about your mistakes.

You are still talking about your past.

You are still talking about your experiences.

You are still talking about the current situation.

I want you to know. All successful people have the necessary obstacles to climb. And they did it.

Every successful person has fought with difficulties and obstacles. They are fighting to be successful. And they were successful.

I want you to live in the future. Every day you have to go to the future. I want you to go to the future and see who you want to be.

Listen to me, for you in the future; you need to use your dreams.

Listen to me, for you in the future; you must use your dreams.

Living in the Future | What you have to do 2

We need to see you in the future.

Secondly, we need to strengthen our belief. We have to believe this.

Our dreams that we made 10-20 years later will happen one day, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow it may not be 1 year to come but it will surely happen one day , if and only if we LIVE IN THE FUTURE.

Remember Mevlana quotes

Good days do not come to you, you will walk to them

Just because One Day Will Be Your Day

Keep dreaming, keep thinking. Some times will be difficult.

Sometimes you will look around but you will never see success anywhere. At that time, you will not see anything that looks like success, but you have to get stronger.

Increase your belief. if you keep going, without worrying about what is around you, guess what?

One day will be your day. That is right, you need to say it with me. “One day will be your day” Believe this.

Even if there is no evidence around you. you should be able to see success and believe in success.

When nothing happens,

When there is pain in your life;

When you are tired,

When you want to give up;

When you look around and see nothing of success;

Increase your belief, and you should say.


If you give up, you day will never come. Do not give up.

Here is a quote from Ryan Blair go guide you through

If it is important to you, you will find a way. if not, you will find an excuse

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1 Comment

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6 ways to develop the mind for success




6 ways to develop the mind for success

Many people dream of being successful, yet they never achieve it. At times we have all failed.

There are many reasons why you may feel like a failure or that you will never be a success.

These are some of the reasons you might recognize for your own failure.

1. Procrastination

It is normal to procrastinate a little, but often we put off doing difficult or unpleasant task that have to do and end up sabotaging ourselves.

Procrastination is the number one thing to fix. If you want to be successful your mindset will suffer,

when you procrastinate because you are not thinking about being productive or about moving towards your goals, in fact you are doing the opposite by avoiding that.

2. Be Willing to Change

There is nothing more threatening to a success mindset than not being able to change.

6 ways to develop the mind for success

If you cannot change you cannot be anything more than what you already are and therefore cannot be successful.

To be successful, you need to Act as if it were impossible to fail.

you have to be able to embrace change but you also have to be able to accept things as they come on your journey there will be change and there will be surprise or things you didn’t plan for.

To have a success mindset you need to cultivate your ability to adapt to change and to be more accepting which will help stop you being afraid of success.

3. See Failure as Success

The great Chinese general Sun Tsu wrote a book on war tactics.

While you may not be waging a battle, much of his advice can be applied to life situations.

One of his most powerful pieces was to see failure as a form of success.

When it comes to mindset for success, you are on a journey.

You may never achieve it but you are moving ever forwards on that journey by trying, and who knows, maybe success is just around the corner.

But what happens then? If you succeed you will have to pick a new journey or you will be stagnating which means failure.

It is possible for success to actually be failure!.

If you are not seeing success as something fluid rather than a defined endpoint then you will always be a failure.

Each success is really just a goal or stepping stone on the way to the next one.

Success is a journey or a path. Each time you go along that path you may fail.

If failure on that path is the worst thing that happens then it is not so bad.

If you fail you have succeeded in finding the wrong path.

You now know not to try that again because you will fail.

Think of a pathway with three possible directions.

If you have choosen one and found it to be a failure that only leaves 2 more.

You now have 50-50 chances of being successful if you pick the right one. It not gonna be easy, but you just have to Do the Hustle

By failure you have become more educated on your journey and more likely to succeed.

4. Set Better Goals

Success is something you want why?
Why do you want to be successful?

Many times our reasons why, the things that drives us, can make all the difference between actually achieving success or simply struggling towards it.

Procrastination is a sign that you have forgotten “why” behind whatever you are trying to achieve.

Here is a good analogy: you want to have clean clothes but you hate doing laundry.

You can choose to have someone else do it, or simply wear the dirty clothes, however, you have to pay the other person.

If success is clean clothes that don’t cost your money you may put It off because you hate doing laundry but eventually,

a decision will have to be made, by which time you now have to do three times the amount of laundry making the task even more unpleasant.

You have a job interview tomorrow and must have a clean shirt.

By procrastinating about your hatred for laundry you have made the problem worse and you are no closer to success.

You didn’t want the clean clothes enough but now because of the interview, you have no choice.

Your drive to have clean clothes has become important because you really want that job.

Your reason for doing laundry has become something more important, so you do it.

Harnessing that “why” that drive to do things because you need to has a lot to do with the mindset of success.

If you see your goals and success as necessary, even ones you don’t really want to do then you wont have much drive to do them.

tackle each situation by reminding yourself why you are doing it.

5. Embrace Positivity

You may have heard the power of positivity before, when we hear good things it makes us smile and it is part of our evolution that we are programmed to repeat good things and keep doing them.

If you burn your hand on the stove because it is hot you learn that touching a hot stove hurts and so you don’t do it again.

When you speak to or about yourself in a negative manner you should feel the same way yet most of us are guilty of taking to ourselves in a way we should be ashamed of.

A positive self talk is powerful tool for having a successful mindset.

When you use positive reinforcement your brain helps to give you a “can do” attitude.

When you are negative you are actively reinforcing negative ideas and thoughts.

In a way being negative actually helps convince your brain you’re going to fail by giving it the “proof” if needs through self sabotage.

Optimism has been shown in research results studies to actually help you live longer.

If you are optimistic it is likely you are happy.

Happy people tend to be clearer about their goals and look for the good in every situation, even when things go wrong.

How to Make Your Mind Positive

Being positive is actually something you can fake.

The more you choose to be positive, even if it feels fake, the more often your mind will start to naturally choose positivity.

By resolving to be a happier and more positive person who looks for the good you will always be able to see a different side.

This can really help your journey to success when it comes to those obstacles.

The difficulty happens when you reach one of them.

if you are struggling to see a positive side try motivating yourself with some inspirational quote or take a break and come back to it later.

Sometimes when you have focused on a problem for too long it makes it more difficult to see anything.

By reducing the amount of negativity you are likely to see a lot of personal growth and many positive changes in your life.

You may find you are meeting new people and making friends, or that new opportunities come around more often because people are more inclined towards you.

No ones likes a negative person so when given the choice of who they want to work with your positivity will give you an edge.

6. Be Grateful

A surprising trait of successful people is that they don’t tend to look back.

They rarely hold regrets over things that have not worked out in the past and are thankful for their present situation.

Gratitude is something many of us forget to practice without realizing just how much we have.

Part of being grateful is that it motivates you for the future, and motivation is definitely a trait we can recognize in successful people.

Start Valuing

Value or worth is something many of us are guilty of defining by money. But, a lot of money does not mean something has value.

Many new cars today cost a fortune but within a year that price has dropped significantly even if the car hasn’t gone anywhere.

On the other, hand, an old or vintage car that may be decades older in the same condition may cost more.

Both are cars and both have the same monetary value.

However, to the person whose father has recently died and who spent hours

restoring the vintage car that one has much greater value because of the memories associated with it.

When we value experience and learning higher than money we are more likely to be happy and successful.

The reason for this is that the drive for money can be lonely and shallow, meaning that it is much harder to stay on that path.

By valuing the human elements whenever we are working on a task we are much more likely to feel satisfied and complete when it is finished, even if the outcome isn’t what we planned.

In conclusion if you dream of being successful then you need the right mindset.

Success is not just straight pathway, there may be obstacles, failures and more along the path.

The key to a success mindset, however, is to see these as opportunities and to keep going.

You are only a failure if you don’t which means you have to continue somewhere even if it is not path you planned on.

A mindset of failure is often the thing that stops you from being successful which is why positivity is so important.

Only by being optimistic and stay true to your purpose can help you achieve the mindset that will bring you infinite success in life.

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Entrepreneur Mindset | Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail.




Entrepreneur mindset

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are, and have always been, the greatest enemies of success and happiness.

For this reason, top salespeople and entrepreneurs work continually to confront the fears that hold most salespeople back.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear.” (Mark Twain)

The two major fears that stand as the greatest obstacles on your road to success are the fear of failure, or loss, and the fear of criticism, or rejection.

These are the major enemies to be overcome.

As it happens, it is not failure or rejection that hurts you or holds you back.

It is the fear of failure or rejection.

It is the anticipation or expectation of failure or rejection that paralyzes you and blocks you from doing what you need to do to achieve your goals.

The truth is that everyone is afraid of something, and often, many things.

Everyone you meet is afraid of failure and rejection in some way.

The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero is brave just a couple of minutes longer.

The average person moves away from and avoids the fear-causing situation.

The brave person forces himself or herself to confront the fear and does it anyway.

Glen Ford, the actor, once said,

“If you do not do the thing you fear, then the fear controls your life.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson said his entire life was changed when he read the words,

“If you would be a great success, make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.”

And I say

Act as if it where impossible to fail

Entrepreneur Mindset | Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail.

Because you can never make off anything if you scared, to have a successful business, career, life, or anything, you have to do one thing. And that is THE HUSTLE

The fear of failure, the major obstacle that holds you back, is felt in the solar plexus and experienced in the feeling of: “I can’t!”

The way that you neutralize this feeling is by repeating the phrase, “I can! I can!” over and over.

Even more effective for neutralizing the fear of failure, say to yourself, “I can do it! I can do it!” over and over, until you actually believe it.

Whenever you repeat the words “I can do it!” your fears diminish and your self- confidence increases.

When you repeat to yourself the words, “I like myself! I’m the best! I can do it!”

you boost your self-esteem and self-image to the point where eventually you feel unstoppable.

You create within yourself the mindset of the high performance entrepreneur.

Then, as Emerson said, “Do the thing and you will have the power.”

Here is a key point about fear of any kind.

Instead of waiting until you feel courageous enough, do the thing you fear, and the courage will come afterwards.

As Aristotle said, “Act as if you already had the quality you desire, and you shall have it.”

Action Exercise: Identify the one great fear that holds you back from throwing your whole heart into becoming a big success in your field.

There is always at least one fear lurking in the back of your mind.

Now imagine that you do not have this fear at all. Imagine that you are totally unafraid in every part of your sales work.

Imagine that you are guaranteed of complete success in everything you do.

How would you act or behave if you had no fears at all?

Whatever your answer, from now on, act as it if were impossible to fail, and it shall be! Fake it until you make it.

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Want to be Successful | Do the Hustle




Want to be Successful | Do the Hustle 3

You can read in 2 minutes

There is a certain urgency to success. This urgency does not apply so much to the fruit of success as it does to the desire to success.

You have to want to succeed before you can even begin to try to succeed.

You don’t have to want to success more than you want anything else.

It is this desire that engenders the work ethic that is necessary to succeed.

That right, there is a definite work ethic that successful people bring to the table.

If you want to succeed, then you have to emulate this work ethic.

You have to want to succeed so much that you hustle.

Hustle is all about working the success walk.

Anyone can walk about success. As they say, talk is cheap.

You can talk about success all day long and not get one step closer to actually being successful.

The only way to reach your goals is to put in the work necessary to get these.

This work requires concentration, creativity, and conscious effort.

There is no secret here.

You are going to have to sweat here.

The hours are long and the tasks are consuming.

There is no such thing as instant success or overnight success.

Often the people who appear to be enjoying overnight success have hustled hard for months and years to get that success.

So, remember success means work and work mean to hustle.

Go the extra mile in everything you do. In the long run, those extra miles will put you ahead of the pack and that much closer to where you want to be.


Successful people are always finding new things to achieve whether they are a business owner looking to branch out into a different market or somebody who has lost a large amount of weight training to take part in a triathlon, the successful mind never stops as just one goal.

Thinking in this manner is hugely important if you have set yourself smaller, achievable goals in order to attain the bigger end game that you have in mind.

Many people give up after achieving just one or two of the smaller goals, convincing themselves that they have done enough and settling for a lower level of success than they had initially wanted.

Truly successful people, however, never do this.

In order to train and reprogram your mind for success, it is crucial to always look for different, new ways in which you can be successful no matter how small.


Successful people make achieving success a priority.

As soon as they have achieved a goal, they move on to a new one.

The successful person is constantly looking for new ways in which to achieve success and how to maintain the success that they have already achieved in their life.

It is no wonder that some successful people are often thought of as being selfish or self absorbed.

And it true – in order to be successful you do have to be a little bit selfish at times.

Whilst constantly only thinking of yourself can have a negative impact on your life and relationships with others in the long run, oftentimes putting yourself and your goals first is essential to achieving success.

Finding the right balance between being plain selfish and prioritizing your goals for success is crucial.

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