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This is How Real Estate Investors Profit from their Real Estate Investment Business



This is How Real Estate Investors Profit from their Real Estate Investment Business 1

The big question. How Do Real Estate Investors Makes Profit out of their Real Estate Business?

Here is how Real Estate Investors get their money back and get even double of their investment.

This is How Real Estate Investors Profit from their Real Estate Investment Business 2

1. Asset Appreciation

A real estate property appreciates in value due to several factors including:

  • Lack of free land to build more houses as demand for housing increases.
  • Scarcity leads to price appreciation
  • Construction of major infrastructure such as malls and highways near the property thus increasing its accessibility and convenience.
  • Upgrade of the property with newer amenities.
  • An upsurge in the economic conditions of the region, turning it into a growth area.
  • If all the above happens, your property becomes attractive to potential buyers or renters and you can dictate the price, and at this situation where there is asset appreciation Real estate investors happen to acquire more profit by inflating the cost of buying or leasing a house, which alternatively increase their profit.

    2. Rent income

    This is also known as cash flow income. Here, Real estate investors acquire an apartment building and then lease it to one tenant or a host of tenants where there will be collecting rent at the end of every month (year).

    Consider renting your property as offices, rental residential houses, car washes, storage facilities etc.

    3. Commissions for Buying and Selling Real Estate

    This is the money made by real estate brokers who get to keep a percentage of the money paid by the buyer after they sell a property on profit.

    There is also the real estate management companies who collect rent on behalf to the landlord and then get to keep a small percentage of the rent money.

    The real estate management firms run the day to day operations of the estate such as orientation of new tenants, hiring plumbers and electricians to fix faults, ensuring the neighborhood’s security etc.

    4. Ancillary Income

    Another way investors in the real estate industry make money is by installing ancillary profit generating infrastructure within the estate.

    This infrastructure may include:

  • vending machines
  • laundry facilities
  • Restaurants
  • ATM’s
  • Fun Zone
  • Bar
  • and lot more

    Money Making Opportunity

    Are you currently looking for ways to make money? Ways that don’t involve working a traditional nine to five job? If you are, you may come across many scams; however, there is good news.

    With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a number of legitimate money making opportunities.

    One of those opportunities involves real estate investment.

    If consider yourself to be unfamiliar with the real estate read this > Education in Real Estate, market and all of its happenings, you may not necessarily know what real estate investment is. or you may think there are limited ways to make profit as a real estate investor.

    This is How Real Estate Investors Profit from their Real Estate Investment Business 3

    But it quite obvious, have you ever thought, why most millionaires invest mostly on real estate, and in know that what create in most people the illusion that real estate investing are done by millionaires alone.

    And alot of people thinks the only way to profit or make money as an real estate investor, you always need to lease or sell a house, Well while that is the fundamental way of making profit as a real estate investor, there are also various ways of which you can acquire more profit as a real estate investor.

    Possibly setting up infrastructure and others, kindly check this out, Best Real Estate Investment Strategy extracted from Robert Kiyosaki, it will also help you set a proper strategy for your real estate investment and generate more profit for you.

    Real estate investing is where an individual, who can be considered a real estate investor, buys a piece of property. That property is often repaired or updated, if any repairs or updates need to be made and that why every real estate investor need the knowledge of Fix and Flip real estate strategy. y

    Once the real estate investment property purchased is in top notch condition it is either resold or rented out to tenants.

    This is basically where the opportunity to make money comes in.

    When it comes to real estate investment, there are many misconceptions associated with it.

    One of those misconceptions is that only those who are rich or have unlimited financial resources are able to become real estate investors.

    This just simply isn’t true. Yes, you will need money to originally get started in real estate investment, but you don’t have to be loaded with it, you don’t have to be a millionaire, and not every one who is a millionaire through real estate investing started as a millionaire.

    There are many real estate investors who start out small and then expand from there. For instance, some real estate investors start out with only one or two real estate investment properties and then use their profits to buy additional properties or also by creating other revenues like setting up infrastructures.

    This approach is nice because it also gives you the opportunity to see if real estate investment is the right money making opportunity for you.

    If you would like to try your hand at real estate investing, it is advised that you take the time to familiarize yourself with it.

    When it comes to doing so, you have a number of different options. Online, you should be able to find a number of websites that aim to educate hopeful investors, just like you, on how to make profit with real estate investment properties.

    You can also find many books or resource guides on the subject. there are top real estate investors out there which you can learn from or get their books. Investors like

  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Donald Trump
  • Brian Bosworth
  • Deborah Winters
  • Blake Richards
  • Beverly Carter
  • Ryhan Serhant
  • Fredrik Eklund
  • and lot more.

    There are also many real estate investment courses available for you to take. What is nice about these classes is that many are offered locally, while others are offered online.

    Investing a small amount of money to buy real estate investment how-to books or take a training course are good ways to learn as much as you can about the real estate investment business, such as how you can make profit with it.

    Starting your own real estate investment business is just one of the many opportunities that allow you to be your own boss, become a millionaire, but it is one of the better ones.

    As a reminder, you don’t need to be rich to invest in real estate. Honestly, my most recommended guide is, merging with real estate investment companies and start as a brooker, while you still continue your training and acquire more experience, or you can start with no cash no credit strategy.

    This is How Real Estate Investors Profit from their Real Estate Investment Business 4

    Lots of folks think it can’t be done.

    How in the world can you buy a piece of real estate property without cash or credit? How is it possible to buy a $50,000 house or a $1 million dollar house if I don’t have an abundance of cash or an excellent credit rating?

    Nothing stops a would-be investor cold in his tracks like “no cash or credit.” The prevailing perception is that “I can’t start real estate investing” because

    (1) I sure don’t have any money and
    (2) my credit is horrible!

    The typical way real estate investing is accomplished is with an earnest money deposit to accompany the Purchase Contract and a down payment at closing.

    Many real estate investing tycoons, in wanting an offer accepted, make large earnest money deposits so the property seller will recognize the buyer as a serious investor. And because many real estate investing tycoons use real estate agents as their purchasing liaison, they provide sizable down payments out of which the sales commission will be paid.

    Well, when I started my real estate investing career, I had neither cash nor credit. I had a serious business failure prior to my start in real estate investing, so I had to conjure up a way to succeed outside the traditional norm.

    While I was well aware of the accepted procedures of earnest money deposits and down payments in real estate investing, I was forced by my situation to find alternatives. I did not realize at the time that commercial property is often purchased without any cash outlay at closing or even a credit check of the buyer.

    So without any pocket change or a savings account, I began offering a $10 bill as my earnest money deposit! And I began offering no down payment at closing.

    My Purchase Contract offered simply the assumption of an existing loan! (In the 1980s when I started my real estate investing career, wrap mortgages were common, whereas today other legal instruments accomplish the same purpose.)

    I don’t have to tell you that real estate agents were not exactly fond of me. In fact, in my highest week of tendering offers, I submitted 235 offers on MLS houses, and got 235 rejections. I mean, the realtors and brokers were infuriated at my non-traditional offers!

    Most went to great pains in writing “REJECTED” across the entire length (even both sides) of the legal-size Purchase Agreement I had laboriously filled out for submission. The young man “running” my offers (and his broker) were verbally blasted out of the saddle! I got NO acceptances from my 235 offers.

    Yet, I still managed to buy two properties from the 100% (humiliating) rejection. Two property owners approached me later and said, “I can’t accept your offer on that property I had listed with my real estate agent, but I have another house you can have on the same terms!”

    That break-through began my trek into the Nothing-Down Wilderness that made me a start my journey in becoming a millionaire.

    It’s a shame that even some real estate investing tycoons don’t know how to buy with no cash and no credit. But the bottom line is that know-how still makes possible the impossible.

    Buying property of any price is still achievable with no cash and no credit. It’s done every day in residential and commercial property. And because it is achievable, anyone can enter the real estate investing arena, regardless of the size of his or her wallet.

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    Start a business online

    We’ve heard several fulfillment stories of Internet entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, who started out Amazon.Com from his garage, the use of reasonably-priced plywood to assemble desks.

    There are ratings of others and that they never fail to make new marketers feel a little crushed or dare I say, jealous.

    Well no longer each commercial enterprise has the rewarding ability of a number of those a hit agencies however it’s no cause for you not to have a worthwhile commercial enterprise of your own.

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    4. Use commercial enterprise report templates to offer professional invoices, letters, and contracts that you could without problems personalize.

    5. Submit articles like this one to numerous e-zines without cost visitors.

    Operating completely at the Internet is the exceptional manner to dramatically lessen startup expenses.

    6. You can discover low cost and characteristic packed web hosting for less than $10 a month.

    And custom domain names may be registered for beneath $10 per year.

    7. Offer your knowledge on various net web site boards without cost self-merchandising.

    Make sure you adhere to the submission guidelines of every website online.

    8. Submit loose press releases concerning your new business on http://prweb.Com
    Starting a provider commercial enterprise means you do not need to put money into any preliminary inventory!

    9. Start a small pay-consistent PPC-click marketing campaign for beneath $200 to check your provide and produce in initial site visitors.

    10. If you have got a retail business, make the preliminary orders on-demand, meaning you don’t purchase any stock until a person makes the acquisition.

    Make certain you include the introduced time body whilst you estimate the anticipated shipping date in your customers.

    The idea is to hold thinking creatively about how you may invest your dollars so that you can avoid spending an excessive amount of in anybody vicinity earlier than your business has verified itself.

    You can redevelop your finances as you cross along and feel pretty at ease doing so. You by no means realize, you can be the subsequent large success tale.

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    Forex Basic | learn how to read a Forex quote




    Forex basic | learn how to read a Forex quote

    As a general rule, each currency has a three letters symbol, which is used in Forex quotes.

    The first two letters identify the name of the country while the third letter identifies the name of that country’s currency.

    For example:

    • AUD (Australian dollars)

    • JPY (Japanese yen)

    • CHF (swiss francs)

    •CAD (canadian dollars).

    When trading currencies, the trade is always done in pairs and so when you buy one currency, another currency is simultaneously being sold.

    Forex trading

    The most commonly traded currency pairs are

    • Euro and US Dollar (EUR/USD)

    • US Dollar and the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

    • US Dollar and Swiss franc (USD/CHF)

    • British Pound and US Dollar (GBP/USD)

    The most commonly traded currency pairs are made from the most common and actively
    traded currencies which are called the “Majors”.

    The list of currencies below consists of the Majors

    • USD (US dollars)

    • EUR (European Euros)

    • GBP (United Kingdom pounds)

    • JPY (Japanese yen)

    • AUD (Australian dollars)

    • CHF (Swiss francs)

    • CAD (Canadian dollars)

    When quoting currency pairs, the first currency is referred to as the Base currency while the second referred to as the Counter or Quote currency.

    The currency pair is used to represent how much Quote currency is required to exchange


    • EUR/USD 1.3500 mean that one Euro is traded for 1.35 USD.

    As such the Base currency is always equal to 1 monetary unit of exchange.

    The dominant base currencies are, in order of frequency, the EuR, GBP, and USD.

    When a currency is quoted against the US Dollar it is called a direct rate.

    Any currency pair that does not trade against the US Dollar is referred to as a cross rate.

    So what takes place once a trade is taking place?


    • You buy British Pounds with the US Dollars – (GBP/USD), anticipating, the Pound to increase in value relative to the Dollar.

    If the Pound rises relative to the Dollar, you sell the position (you Sell British Pound) and have made a profit.

    Keep in mind that there are no standard cross-currency Quotes.

    Some have the base currency on the top while others have it on the bottom.

    So how can you tell which is which?

    You need to know at least one pair of currencies and which one of the pair is the more valuable.

    Dominant Base Currencies


    • British Pound – GBP/USD, GBP/CHF, GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD

    • US Dollar – USD/CAD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF

    The Pip

    The pip is the smallest unit of change in which a currency pair can move.

    In the Forex world, currencies are traded in fractions of a Cent, or Euro, and so on.

    Nearly all currency pairs consist of five significant digits and most pairs have the decimal point immediately after the first digit, with four decimal points to follow.

    For example

    EUR/ usd is equals to 1.3377.

    In this example, a single pip equals the smallest change in the fourth decimal place – that is, 0.0001.

    Therefore, if the quote currency in any pair is USD, then one pip always equal 1/100 of a cent.

    The only notable exception to this rule is the USD/JPY pair where a pip equals $0.01.

    A numeric example

    You buy the EUR/USD, which is quoted with five digits in all out of which 4 decimals, at 1.3530 and sell it later at 1.3542.

    The difference would be +12 pips, or. 0012.

    However, in the case of the uSD/JPY currency pair, one has to make a note that it is quoted with only 2 decimals.

    And so if you bought the uSD/JPY at 110.51 and it then went down to 110.31 where you have sold it, the difference would be -20 pips, or. 20 pips loss.

    The pip difference would determine your calculation of profit/loss on the trade.

    As mentioned earlier, the quote currency is translated into a certain number of units of the base currency.

    For example

    A quote of EuR/uSD at 1.35 means that, for every 1 euro, you get 1.35 uS dollars.

    When the price of the quoted currency goes up, it indicates that the base currency

    is becoming stronger and so one unit of the base currency will buy more of the quote currency.

    On the other hand, if the price of the quote currency falls, the base currency is becoming weaker.

    The Bid and the Ask

    Forex quotes are shown in ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ prices.

    The Bid is the price at which the market
    maker is ready to buy a given currency

    pair and so at this price the trader (seller) can sell the base currency to the market maker,

    The Bid is shown on the left side of the quotation.

    On the other hand, the ask is the price at which the market maker is ready to sell

    given currency pair and so at this price the trader (buyer) can buy the base currency from the market maker,

    The ask is shown on the right side of the quotation.

    The ask price is also called the offer price.

    Symbol Bid Ask

    EUR/USD 1.3517 1.3520

    Over the above Quote sample we can buy from the market maker one euro for 1.3520

    american dollars, or sell one euro for 1.3517 american dollars to the market maker.

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    Budgeting for retirement | Practicing the 7 Baby Step Strategy




    Budgeting for retirement | Practicing the 7 Baby Step Strategy

    Remember those retirement dreams? The first step in making those dream come true is to get out of debt.

    And the best way to do that is to follow the Baby Steps.

    The seven Baby Steps are like a road map for your money.

    They also act as guardrails to keep you from spending where you should not.

    The Baby Steps help you get out of debt; save money for emergencies, retirement, and college for the kids; pay off the house; and give away buckets of money because you have been able to invest and save wisely.

    Check out the seven steps below and decide which one you are on.

    Retired granny

    Baby Step 1: Save a $1,000 starter emergency fund.

    This may not seem important, but without saving in the bank, you are just asking Murphy (Murphy’ law) to visit you or precisely move in for a few months. Only use it in emergencies.

    Hint: a new pontoon boast is not an emergency.

    Baby Step 2: Pay off all debts.

    Now pay off all debts except your mortgage.
    That’s another step from smallest to largest with the debts snowball.

    To use the debt snowball, pay off your smallest debt first, whether it is $15 or $2,000.

    Make the minimum payments on the other debts.

    Once the smallest debt is paid off, use that money to tackle the next smallest debt, and so forth,

    it is like a snowball gathering speed and momentum downhill, only it is your money that is making headway towards a debt free life and the retirement of your dreams.

    Baby Step 3: Build your fully funded emergency fund of three to six months of expenses.

    Notice I said expenses, not your salary.

    This fund will cover your food, mortgage, utilities and other necessities in case you can’t work for some reason (illness, family emergency, layoff etc.) check out how to cut of expenses living a frugal lifestyle

    Baby Step 4: Invest 15% of pretax income info retirement savings

    If you make $3,000 a month, then you should invest $450 in a retirement fund like a 401(k) or 403(b).

    if your employer will match your contributions, take advantage of that opportunity.

    It is like putting free money into your retirement account!

    Baby Step 5: Invest for your kids college savings

    I recommended using an Educational savings account (ESA) if possible.

    An ESA will allow you to invest $2,000 per year, per child, if your income is under $200,000.

    If you want more information about savings for your kid’s college check out this other strategy College saving 529 Strategy

    Baby Step 6: Pay off the house.

    No, I am not kidding.

    Yes, this is possible! Imagine the money you can put toward retirement once you don’t have a mortgage to worry about!

    And before you say it, there is no “good” debt even for tax purposes.

    Say you have $10,000 in interest payments in a given year.

    The taxes on $10,000 (if you were in a 25% tax bracket) would be around $2,500.

    You would be giving the bank $10,000 in interest in order NOT to pay the government $2,500.

    That’s dumb, As much as the government wastes money, I would rather give Uncle Sam $2,500 than give the bank $10,000.

    Baby Step 7: Build wealth and give a bunch away

    This is what you have been dreaming of! As you continue to invest your money, you can watch it grow to fund your dream retirement.

    The great news is that you also get to give to others, which feel greats! You can give to charity, your grandkids (or even great grandkids!). or a nonprofit whose passion you share.

    Mitrobe Advice

    Remember, debt is not just about borrowing money you don’t have, it is also about borrowing from your retirement dream.

    Every dollar you spend to pay debt is a dollar you could have used for investing in your retirement future!

    Let’s look at the Golden rules of creating true wealth.

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