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Want to be Successful | Do the Hustle



Want to be Successful | Do the Hustle 1

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There is a certain urgency to success. This urgency does not apply so much to the fruit of success as it does to the desire to success.

You have to want to succeed before you can even begin to try to succeed.

You don’t have to want to success more than you want anything else.

It is this desire that engenders the work ethic that is necessary to succeed.

That right, there is a definite work ethic that successful people bring to the table.

If you want to succeed, then you have to emulate this work ethic.

You have to want to succeed so much that you hustle.

Hustle is all about working the success walk.

Anyone can walk about success. As they say, talk is cheap.

You can talk about success all day long and not get one step closer to actually being successful.

The only way to reach your goals is to put in the work necessary to get these.

This work requires concentration, creativity, and conscious effort.

There is no secret here.

You are going to have to sweat here.

The hours are long and the tasks are consuming.

There is no such thing as instant success or overnight success.

Often the people who appear to be enjoying overnight success have hustled hard for months and years to get that success.

So, remember success means work and work mean to hustle.

Go the extra mile in everything you do. In the long run, those extra miles will put you ahead of the pack and that much closer to where you want to be.


Successful people are always finding new things to achieve whether they are a business owner looking to branch out into a different market or somebody who has lost a large amount of weight training to take part in a triathlon, the successful mind never stops as just one goal.

Thinking in this manner is hugely important if you have set yourself smaller, achievable goals in order to attain the bigger end game that you have in mind.

Many people give up after achieving just one or two of the smaller goals, convincing themselves that they have done enough and settling for a lower level of success than they had initially wanted.

Truly successful people, however, never do this.

In order to train and reprogram your mind for success, it is crucial to always look for different, new ways in which you can be successful no matter how small.


Successful people make achieving success a priority.

As soon as they have achieved a goal, they move on to a new one.

The successful person is constantly looking for new ways in which to achieve success and how to maintain the success that they have already achieved in their life.

It is no wonder that some successful people are often thought of as being selfish or self absorbed.

And it true – in order to be successful you do have to be a little bit selfish at times.

Whilst constantly only thinking of yourself can have a negative impact on your life and relationships with others in the long run, oftentimes putting yourself and your goals first is essential to achieving success.

Finding the right balance between being plain selfish and prioritizing your goals for success is crucial.

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Mitrobe Daily Quotes

Living in the Future | What you have to do




Living in the Future | What you have to do 2

We need to live in the future. Close yourself to the outside world. Open a piece of music, some classical music, right? I do not know what you need to listen to.

But I only want 30 minutes from you. Go to the basement, go to your secret places, go to the library, go to your room.

And I want you to dream for 30 minutes. I want you to live for 30 minutes in the future.

When I talk to some people I say that the problem is at the starting point.

The problem is; while you are living in the future, you are living currently time.

You are still talking about your mistakes.

You are still talking about your past.

You are still talking about your experiences.

You are still talking about the current situation.

I want you to know. All successful people have the necessary obstacles to climb. And they did it.

Every successful person has fought with difficulties and obstacles. They are fighting to be successful. And they were successful.

I want you to live in the future. Every day you have to go to the future. I want you to go to the future and see who you want to be.

Listen to me, for you in the future; you need to use your dreams.

Listen to me, for you in the future; you must use your dreams.

Living in the Future | What you have to do 3

We need to see you in the future.

Secondly, we need to strengthen our belief. We have to believe this.

Our dreams that we made 10-20 years later will happen one day, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow it may not be 1 year to come but it will surely happen one day , if and only if we LIVE IN THE FUTURE.

Remember Mevlana quotes

Good days do not come to you, you will walk to them

Just because One Day Will Be Your Day

Keep dreaming, keep thinking. Some times will be difficult.

Sometimes you will look around but you will never see success anywhere. At that time, you will not see anything that looks like success, but you have to get stronger.

Increase your belief. if you keep going, without worrying about what is around you, guess what?

One day will be your day. That is right, you need to say it with me. “One day will be your day” Believe this.

Even if there is no evidence around you. you should be able to see success and believe in success.

When nothing happens,

When there is pain in your life;

When you are tired,

When you want to give up;

When you look around and see nothing of success;

Increase your belief, and you should say.


If you give up, you day will never come. Do not give up.

Here is a quote from Ryan Blair go guide you through

If it is important to you, you will find a way. if not, you will find an excuse

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Mitrobe Daily Quotes

Mitrobe Daily Quotes | New One “You”




Mitrobe Daily Quotes |  New One “You” 4

You can read in 2 minutes

It takes courage to have something.

The houses you lost, the men who left, the women who betrayed.

It takes courage to leave it to the stream.

They will be in the future, they will be bigger than the ones left behind, and there must be enough faith to believe that.

If you can not learn how to forgive, you can not live, you can not go forward, you can not move, you suffer constantly.

If this thing is still alive in your mind, it will continue to live in your life.

If you are sad in your mind, you will be sad in your life.

Must be stable; Do you want to make peace with your fate or be dragged into the past?

It’s just a decision you can make.

You will have to make a decision.

If you want more in the second part of your life than the first part, you should let the first part go.

These decisions determine the level of what you are fighting.

What I am trying to say, a new “you” you may have.

But this is not possible without having a new mind.

©Johnmiracle Ejikeme

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