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5 essential wordpress security tips – Is your blog protected ?



Blog security

Use Strong Passwords for all Entry Points
I was surprised to find out how many of my friends,

use the WordPress admin password generated by WordPress during install time and

thinks that their blog is protected from attacks as they are using a strong password!

The WordPress admin password generated during install time is normally pretty strong,

(consists lowercase and uppercase letters with numbers and symbols) so there is nothing wrong with that.

I was mainly shocked to find out that their ftp/cPanel password for that domain is not that strong. It gets even better.

Some went on using their name as the password (Did I mention their name,

that is include on their social media profile, and was mentioned on his blog’s ‘About’ page?)!

The ftp/cPanel password for your domain is equally important.

Do you know that, If someone can access your cPanel then that person can delete your WordPress database from the cPanel->Databases->MySQL Databases.

Anyway, the bottom line is to use strong passwords for all entry points not just one.

Is your blog protected?

that the question I want you to answer before you read on.

And water answer you have, drop it on the comment box, and if you feel your blog is not protected, also drop a comment.

Wordpress security

Essentials WordPress Security Tips

1. Add a CAPTCHA on your WordPress Login page

Adding a simple captcha to your WordPress login page is another great way to minimize

the chance of a bot/script gaining access tob your site via a brute force attack.

You can try registering to my blog and logging in and you will see what a captcha is.

2. Protect the ‘wp-admin’ Directory

Use a .htaccess file in the ‘wp-admin’ directory to limit access to only certain IP addresses (your home, work etc).

The WordPress htaccess tips post has more htaccess related tips and tricks.

Below is an example .htaccess file that can be used for this purpose (replace ‘x’ and ‘y’ with your IP address)

AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName “Access Control”
AuthType Basic
order deny,allow
deny from all
# whitelist home IP address
allow from
# whitelist work IP address
allow from yy.yyy.yyy.yyy

If you don’t have static IP addresses then the above method can be a bit hard to implement.

In that case you could use the AskApache Password Protect WordPress plugin.

That plugin adds good password protection to your WordPress Blog.

Use the Login Lockdown feature of the All in One WP Security Plugin to protect your blog,

against brute force attack (a brute force attack is a method of defeating a

cryptographic scheme by systematically
trying a large number of possibilities)

Also read>> How to increase your blog visitors and ranking

3. Deny access to your Plugins and other directories

A lot of bloggers don’t protect access to their WordPress plugins directory.

What I mean by this is that if you go to the

from a browser it shows all the plugins that you are using.

Many wordpress plugins can have vulnerabilities which the attacker can use to harm your blog.

So, its a good idea to block access to these directories.

You can use a .htaccess file or just upload a blank ‘index.html’

file to that directory to block access to these directories. (download a blank index.html)

4. Update WordPress to the Latest Release

As new WrodPress versions are released the security bugs for previous release becomes public information.

WordPress could have vulnerabilities as a result of how the program is written that

allow an attacker to pass HTTP arguments, bad URI strings, form input, etc,

that could cause Bad Things to happen.

So always upate your WordPress to the latest version to make sure that you are protected against any known security bugs.

Don’t Show WordPress Version on Your Blog
You should not make the WordPress version

that you are using visible to others for the same reason explained above.

The specific WordPress version that you are using can give the attacker an upper hand in finding a way to break in.

5. Backup Your Data

I can’t stress this enough… always keep backups of all the important files.

I always backup my WordPress Database and WordPress files in case of emergency.

Let me ask you a question.

what would you do if you lost all your blog’s content article and you didn’t backup?

Drop answers in the comment section.

backups can help you sleep better at night,

Be careful when you upload something to
your site,

When you upload a script (example: a plugin, a theme or just a normal script)

to your site you need to be extra careful as it can harm your site if it was designed to do so.

Only upload authentic content to your site.

Never download a plugin or a theme from a warez or torrent or file sharing sites.

The content on these sites can be disguised as a plugin or a theme but it will harm your site when uploaded to your server.

You can read more on these types of attack from the free premium plugin and theme downloaders beware article.

You can reach me on Facebook if you need more guidance or want to have me setup your security

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    What is the first thing to do | Before you can start making money online 5
    What is the first thing to do | Before you can start making money online 6

    Make money online

    It quite obvious, that people just go online on the Internet looking for ways to make money online without knowing their way forward.

    Making money online, It a bit tough due to the high rate of scam and in addition, there are lot of online earning programs that are country specific and requires participation of members of specific countries.

    However, the few online making money opportunity available for participation not all but majority requires a PayPal Account for withdrawal of the money earned.

    This Beck the question What is the first thing to do, Before you can start Earning money online.


    The first thing to do is to create a verified working PayPal account that can be able to withdraw your PayPal fund.

    This is due to the fact that Paypal is the most popular means of making payment online.

    How can you create a verified PayPal Account that can be able to send and receive money

    It is quite strategic to create a PayPal account, it differs with different locations.

    It not what you think it is, which is merely downloading the PayPal Apk from Google play store, following the sign up procedures.

    It obvious that such PayPal accounut cannot be able to withdraw your PayPal fund into your local bank account in most African countries precisely.

    So How do You Go About it?


    If you find yourself in locations where you cannot withdraw your PayPal funds.

    here are is a way of setting up your Paypal account that can enable you withdraw your PayPal money.

    1. Get a cybercafé that has a foreign IP Address.

    Don’t try to use a proxy website like,, or even software.

    PayPal now has a superior mechanism in place that detects all of that.

    Their security system will tell you that you can’t access their website using a proxy server.

    2. An email address. A free email like yahoo or gmail is fine.

    3. A liberty reserve account.

    You can easily open one now at A non-European address.

    Those are the 3 basic requirement you need to create a verified PayPal.

    Next, all you need to do is to get this Ebook, which graphically shows the step by step procedures on setting up your verified PayPal account.

    How you can get the Ebook

    What is the first thing to do | Before you can start making money online 7

    PayPal Account Opening Ebook

    For those who want to get this Ebook by ©Segun Oloye, fill in the form below and it will be delivered to your mail

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    The E-book is free so

    What is the first thing to do | Before you can start making money online 8

    After creating the Paypal account how can one make money online?

    Now, creating a PayPal account don’t guarantee that you will start making money online.

    But there are lot of ways to make money online, it all depend on your skills, time and other factors.

    You cant start making huge money through the following ways;

    1.1. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing means becoming affiliate with any online advertiser and promote their product so that whenever someone makes a free signup or purchases form the advertiser’s website then he/she gets the commission.

    You will find hundreds of best affiliate programs where you can signup as an affiliate.

    Millions of people around the world are earning money from many top affiliate network like


    Check this Ideal guide to make money with Peerfly Affiliate program, where you don’t have to sell, buy or pay for anything before earning

    The three basic steps of affiliate marketing

    *You recommend a product or service to people ( your followers or people you know).

    *Some of those people purchase the product or service based on your recommendation.

    *You get paid a commission for those purchases.

    2. Online survey jobs

    Paid survey are one of the way to make some extra money for sharing your thoughts and suggestions to review about a product or services, whether it may be a New dress or cosmetics, or Blankets or washing liquids.

    Paid surveys are the best online jobs without investment and for people who want to make some extra cash working 2-3 hours from home or office.

    Do Paid Survey Really Pay?

    Paid Survey websites have really grown in popularity.

    There are more sites being launched as even you read this.

    Each of them guarantees they have the best paying survey program.

    But not every site can be the best paying site, and you will need to do a bit of research on these sites before you decide to sign up with any.

    If you choose the right programs you can definitely make some cash.

    You already know that you will get rich by joining a few site that pay for your opinions.

    You may make a bit of money and that is fine.

    You will need to Join as many survey sites as possible to increase your income opportunities.

    Some of these sites do ask you to upgrade to a higher level of surveys for a fee.

    I would advice you this right away.

    Try all of the free sites before you pay for anything.

    If possible don’t pay for anything.

    You will most probable find that you will not need to pay anyone a thing to make money with paid surveys.

    In order to avoid all scams, just remember one little but very important thing.

    If you see and online money making opportunity where you are promised to earn a lot of money, but you first have to pay some feedback in order to start Earning, be very cautious in dealing with such money making opportunities.

    Top Ten Paid Survey List

    Listed below are my top 10 favorite site for paid Survey, note that some may be country specific

    *Survey Savvy:
    *Areas of participation: International
    *Areas of participation: US, UK, Canada
    *3 Greenfield Online
    *Areas of Participation: United States, Canada
    *Opinion Outpost
    *Areas of participation: US, Canada
    *Global Test Market
    *Areas of participation: International
    *Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP)
    *Areas of participation: International
    *Buzz Back Marker Research
    *Areas of participation: US, UK, Canada, Australia
    *(Light Speed Consumer: More than 30 countries
    *The Harris Poll Online

    2.3, Get paid to complete tasks & offers

    Get paid to complete offers or GPT is another concept similar to ad clicking jobs where you earn extra $200+ by working 15-30 minutes daily.

    In this online job, you need to work on various tasks like signup on a website, playing games, participating in a form, completing small surveys, watching video etc.

    Although there are many GPT (get paid to ) sites where you can get paid to take online surveys and complete different tasks but working on best GPT sites will ensure you do not waste your time and get paid promptly for taking surveys and many simple offers.

    GPT sites are a complete package where you can earn money by completing many other offers. Here are the sites


    4. Earn with Digital Marketing

    These are dozens of things you can do in digital marketing and make money from home.

    Some of the popular ways are SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and lot more of them.

    You can learn SEO or social media marketing or get training from a local institute.

    Then you can provide SEO or social media marketing services online.

    You ou can even handle Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account for celebrities or rich people and earn handsome monthly checks.

    How do you start

    first you have to know about digital marketing, read about it stay abreast of all the news.

    Then you have to focus on the specialization. it means which job you are going to choose.

    understand the business and take a plunge.

    Here are top 3 jobs that you can find in digital marketing

    *Digital Marketing Manager.

    Digital marketing manager is on the top of the pyramid. you will be leading the digital marketing team and others will work under your guidance.

    here you need an experience of at least 3 to 5 years before you reach to this position.

    The salary depend upon company to company but normally you can expect around $70,000 to $90,000 a year.

    *Social media Marketing

    The second most important job in digital marketing is social media managers or marketers.

    Both are the same, you may already know that social media is all about Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the rest of them.

    Here, you have to engage with your customers and build a relationship with them.

    Social media is all about attracting customer base which is lot younger.

    You need an experience of 1 to 2 years and salary can be anything between $40,000 and $60,000 depending upon your performance.

    *Content marketing

    Content marketing managers are responsible for managing contents like blogging, sales page, copywriting, writing ebooks, videos, email communication and lot more.

    Here, you work under the digital marketer. Content marketers usually manage a team of content writers but at times they work alone.

    Right now most of the content marketers are freelancers who work from their home and they report directly to the content marketing managers.

    In addition, you do not need a particular educational qualification, however you need to have good writing and editing skills.

    A content marketing manager can easily make up to $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

    5. Earn form a Blog

    Blogging is one of the lucrative ways to earn money online.

    if you can do it properly. Blogging is nothing but creating your own websites and share something useful stuffs frequently.

    Before creating a blog, you must choose a niche or subject on the basic of it you should think what you can write in your blog which will bring the visitors (Traffic).

    Because without traffic you can not earn money.

    First discover the area of your specialty and find specific topic according to that.

    Once you choose the topic then research more before creating an article. we have provided a super guide on how to go about blogging for first timers you can check it out How to Start a Blog Business

    Blogging is something that requires patience, persistence and discipline.

    It may mean writing everyday for over a year before you really start to see any money from it.

    There are exceptions to the rule, but from my dealings with bloggers, it seems to be pretty common to spend one or even 2 years building your blog, your brand and your authority, before making any serious amount of money.

    Some people argued that you can make money without a lot of traffic and while that is true in some circumstances, and that mostly for people who has several expertise skills.

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