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Stainless Steel Fabrication Trends To Look Out For



Stainless steel fabrication

Stainless steel fabrication has come a long, long way.

Today, it is the very reliable support of the manufacturing and engineering industries of the world.

From power to energy, automotive to electronics, aerospace to constructions, there is an N number of sectors that utilize metal fabrication.

As the Stainless Steel Fabrication sees further growth and usage, it has transformed from within, too, massively.

Every business that comes within the purview of stainless-steel fabrication

is adopting new strategies and opting for new trends, all in the hope to advance their growth even further.nitially, the industry used to be straightforward.

To make the final product, all it involved was:

  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembly processes
  • Right now, the industry has gone through a paradigm shift.

    It is dynamic and extremely cyclic.

    SS fabrication grows only if connected sectors like automotive, aerospace, and construction progress.

    Therefore, it is vital to keep an eye on the trends of this field.

    Here are the top 3 for this year.

    • Automation is, without a doubt, the biggest trend in stainless steel fabrication like it is in every other segment.

    It has altered the way withwhich the SS businesses are run.

    By using automation in SS fabrication:

  • Production and assembly lines can be optimized
  • The cost connected can be reduced.
  • Robotic technology is being incorporated.
  • • 3D printing is the next trend that has taken the stainless-steel-fabrication world with a storm.

    Mostly, it is employed to make product
    prototype at present, but the future is rosy.

    The metal fabrication industry aims to invest in 3D printing heavily.

    Using the technology, tools, and structures will be created.

    • While both 3D printing and automation are relatively new trends in the

    field of metal fabrication, there is one that is old and continues to dominate.

    Re-shoring or otherwise known as manufacturing regionalisation is still

    trending in the sector. Numerous businesses are shifting from the offshore

    model to nearshore or onshore one. A nearshore model is one where the

    manufacturing of stainless-steel products is done quite nearby to the

    market and where the innovation is done.

    The reason re-shoring has seen an upsurge is:

  • Transport costs
  • Market volatility risks
  • Increased foreign wages
  • When you look at the biggest name in the SS fabrication world, you will see

    them moving their units to more favorable environments and adopting automation.

    To stay relevant in the industry, it is crucial to embrace all new trends and technologies that boost their abilities.

    With the rise of emerging markets and an increase in demand in developing

    countries, there has been an equal growth in the steel fabrication industry.

    The opportunities presented by this expansion can only be leveraged if businesses adapt and keep up with the trends.

    Rapid globalization demands it of them.

    When the latest trends and fads are incorporated in an

    SS business, it positions them uniquely to deal with new ecosystems, be it local or global.


    Manufacturing Automation Evolution – A Few Top Trends

    Manufacturing Automation Evolution

    Automation has been part of manufacturing for decades.

    It started in the 1970s, and now it has grown to incorporate aspects such as:

  • Cobot
  • Robots
  • Big data
  • machine learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • And, all of them have improved production and assembly lines.

    We take alook at some of the trends in manufacturing automation that are painting
    the town red.

    • Without a doubt, cobots or collaborative robots are the biggest trend in the manufacturing world.

    Cobots do not overtake the work of human
    workers; rather, they work alongside them.

    While the robots of the old age required caging to protect humans from being harmed accidentally, colors are safer, more versatile, and efficient.

    Collaborative Robots are small and can perform many chores.

    Pick, and place is one example, commonly seen in Amazon’s fulfillment stores.

    Cobots perform tasks that are dangerous or repetitive, which frees up human employees to do more satisfying chores.

    Moreover, they now come with AI and machine platforms, which means cobots can perform evencomplicated and advanced jobs.

    The he last reason cobots are the chief trend in automation is that finding them has become easier with many vendors
    manufacturing and selling them.

    • Like SaaS transformed the way small and medium-sized companies worked in all industries, RaaS is also changing the picture.

    RaaS or Robotics as a Service involves renting or acquiring robotic hardware for a temporary period.

    This allows the cost to be bearable. For example, in the agricultural world where work is highly cost-sensitive, RaaS has allowed penetration of technology.

    While earlier, using robots on the farm was not possible due to the high price of buying, renting allows it.

    • One more trend in the automation world that is slowly occurring is updating older systems.

    Previous setups that were massive and cumbersome are getting upgrades that make them more:

  • Compact
  • Accessible
  • Efficient
  • Control
  • By merely upgrading old designs and automotive hardware, companies can free up space in factories and save money.

    • Like IoT is sparking a revolution in every sector, the Industrial Internet of Things is changing the manufacturing world.

    Connected devices that are always on gives manufacturers the ability to collect data in real time.

    Iron has allowed hardware to become:

  • More aware
  • Faster
  • Smarter
  • An example is a mobile robot that comes with sensors.

    It can sense when a human worker is coming nearer and can reduce its speed or stop

    Similarly, a robot can have a set schedule where the pace is increased or decreased as per the surroundings of production cycle needs.

    Lastly, IIoT can combine different robots to make one network that can perform tasks more intelligently.

    In the world of manufacturing, automation, IIoT, Cobots, and RaaS are the most significant trends right now.

    Collaborative Robots are set to overtake
    all other patterns in the coming years and lead the way because they are

    cheaper, easy to use and make the lives of human employees safer and better.


    Salesforce And CRM – What You Really Need To Know Now!

    Cloud computing Salesforce

    Expanding any business is not easy.

    It is particularly true for the present era of competition.

    To be ahead, you need to boost sales more than by just selling current or new products to old or new clients.

    Sales have to be systematic, efficient. Only then will leads be converted into loyal patrons.

    The one way to do so is a customer relationship management software, and the best one out there is Salesforce.

    In this article, we take a look at what
    the best CRM software for businesses can do as explained by Xavier a veteran Trainer & Consultant from a reputed Salesforce Training Institute.

    • Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software.

    To understand how that is a primary advantage, we take a look back.

    About two decades ago, CPA solutions were installed ‘on-premise’ which mean the servers were kept in

    the building of the company and maintained there.

    It also meant that IT companies had the onus of all technical duties such as:

  • system design
  • infrastructure
  • server management
  • To reduce the effort, it took on the part of the companies, cloud-based CRM was invented.

    This type of CRM was hosted by the vendor itself rather being on the premise.

    The company accessed all data through the web and did not have to worry about any technical elements like managing the CRM.

    Salesforce being cloud-based required no:

  • no software licensing fee
  • dedicated IT staff
  • Specific infrastructure
  • As a result, the cost of setting up and maintaining it is considerably low for

    a business, which makes it an excellent CRM solution.

    • Salesforce helps firms function more effectively.

    It also aids in reducing the cost involved.

    Just some of the areas of a business that Salesforce benefits are:

    o Marketing: the team can create and then track all promotional campaigns.

    They can even measure how successful the ads were by checking the number of leads generated for the sales team.

  • Customer Support
  • Salesforce can track all customer problems

    and how they are going to be resolved using escalation regulations

    like time elapsed and client importance. It ensures that no customer

    problem is left unresolved and the patrons are happy.

  • Management
  • The top executives can keep a close eye on all their

    teams by using the comprehensive reporting features and

    dashboards that offer visuals.

  • Training:
  • Salesforce comes with a help manual that can be accessed online.

    Besides the extensive manual, there is a video facility that can be used to train people.

    Moreover, the support features it offers are far above industry standards.

    Without a doubt, Salesforce is the best CRM solution a company can opt for at this time.

    The most well-known corporations have reached the same conclusion after wasting time on other customer relationship management software.

    Salesforce makes a business not only faster but also more comfortable to function.

    It is high time organisations that want to scale at a high velocity invest in the CRM solution.


    Benefits Of Booking Banquet Hall For Wedding

    Venue look

    No one ever said planning and organising a wedding was easy.

    More so if it is taking place in a Cosmopolitan city, which is full of hustle and bustle.

    That said, there is a silver lining to wedding planning.

    Instead of designing it at home or a hotel, pick one of the marriage halls.

    When you opt for a banquet hall in the metropolitan city to host a ceremony, you gain access to a plethora of benefits.

    In this short post, we enumerate just some of the paybacks of booking a marriage hall.

    • Catering is resolved.

    The one massive decision in wedding planning is food.

    You have to plan a menu for all three meals of the day for all the days the celebration takes place.

    In the case of Indian weddings that can run up to 12 to 15 meals, which means this part of organising is not easy.

    Considering that drinks, snacks, and high tea also need to be included, the overall chore is massive.

    But when you hire a wedding hall, the task is reduced to a small percentage of its size.

    Since the management is used to hosting weddings, they have a long list of menus that can be easily customised for your celebration.

    It’s their forte. Over and above that, in-house catering means no matter which type of cuisine you want; it can be served.

    Lastly, you don’t have to waste time to look for the best outside food vendor.

    • The service is impeccable.

    Weddings mean something will go wrong. It could be something small as

    one slightly wobbly chair to something as massive as a torrential down pour during pheras.

    With wedding halls, you can have the assurance that every

    problem will be resolved in the shortest time possible.

    Their service isimpeccable because they do it day in and day out.

    Furthermore, the staff will do it while properly attired and with a smile on their face.

    When you compare it to organising and hosting the wedding on your own, this benefit is heaven sent.

    Why? Because in the other scenario,solving all problems would be your headache.

    Instead of enjoying the function and mingling with guests, you would be running around correcting issues.

    • Quality will be superb.

    Wedding halls are professionally run. They know that customers will book

    them for ceremonies and events only is they maintain their quality of

    service, food, décor, etc. Therefore, when you opt for a marriage hall for

    your rituals, you get the guarantee that the quality of everything

    will be superior. From furniture to sound equipment, from linens to cutlery,

    from service to transport, every little and big element will be quality

    checked before your big day!

    While quality, food, and service are the most notable advantages of

    wedding halls, there are many more like décor, budget-friendly and work-

    flow management. Simply said, there is no reason why you should not

    choose marriage halls for functions.


    A New Exciting Shift In The Digital Marketing Scenario

    Digital Marketing

    As part of the elite group of digital marketing companies, we, at Digital SEO, have always been on top of the digital game. So, when the 2019

    Google Marketing Live conference ended on 16 May, we pounced on the new trends that they introduced to the world.

    After careful deliberation, we picked three Google features that are going to transform the digital marketing world.

    The future of video ads is bumper ads.

    The bumper machine is a tool which automatically generates video ads that

    last for 6 seconds using longer videos from YouTube.

    The basis of the tool is research that stated:

  • 3 seconds ads had 107% better ad recall
  • When compared to one long ad, smaller ones showed 134% higher purchase intent.
  • The machine helps save money and resources for firms who had to spend both of them in reducing long-form videos into ads.

    The tool will be especially useful for smaller companies who run on a tight advertising budget.

    2. Discovery Ads will make it big.

    Native ads that reoccur on all Google feed environments are called discovery ads.

    These dynamic ads can adapt to the environment they are displayed in such as:

  • YouTube
  • Gmail Promotions
  • Social tabs
  • Similar to Google discovery feed, they can have multiple elements for

    testing. Discovery ads are set to make it big based on the popularity of the

    discovery feed, which has reached 800 million people spanning the world.

    The ads will open new channels for brands and let them reach audiences

    across many environments using pictorial and appealing ads with much Ease.

    3. Creating discovery ads is also automated. The brand needs to do the following to make one:

  • Upload assets
  • Add variations of headlines
  • Add any other element
  • The machine learning tech at Google will do the rest by delivering the

    choicest combination applicable to your audience at the best-performing environment.

    Discovery ads make touching the intent-driven market accessible and simpler at a massive scale.

    4. Gallery Ads are for physical services. Businesses that promote travel, food, or experiences will benefit
    significantly from gallery ads.

    A new format of advertisement, it allows
    several photos to be added to the ad which expands to the whole page when seen by the viewer.

    It is going to be an experience of its own! To make it simpler for brands, even current campaigns can be incorporated with the visual ad unit.

    It signifies that companies won’t have to waste time in building new campaigns specifically for Gallery Ads.

    It is the first Google Search Ad category that comes with a visual aspect.

    Google expects it to have a high engagement rate and high-quality Google

    scores, which is why it will appear on the top slot of the search ranking.

    Any firm that wants to remain in business and ahead of the competition

    will need to invest in Gallery ads after the tool is released later this year!


    Online Marketing for Small And Medium Sized Businesses

    What is msme India

    You’ve got your MSME registration online and are ready to dive into business.

    But there is one aspect left to worry about – how do you capture the target audience that is present on the internet.

    This is where online marketing steps in.

    In this short article, we discover what online marketing

    and the two benefits that it brings to any business, especially MSMEs is.

    Defining Online Marketing The use of any digital technology that utilities the internet as a channel to

    reach a target audience is called online marketing.

    To name just a few of the strategies that come within this field:

  • content marketing
  • social media
  • websites
  • search engine optimization
  • online video
  • paid searches
  • These diverse and ever-evolving tools work the best when used in tandem.

    For example, when you publish a blog on your SEO website, it will get the

    most hits if it has a connecting video on YouTube and a Tweet that links to it on Twitter.

    A well-written article can significantly drive up the ranking of your site on Google because of the increased search hits.

    Benefits Of Online Marketing

    While it is true that creating an online presence benefits every business, small firms have an added advantage.

    Promoting a brand, product, or service on the internet doesn’t cost much,

    which means even MSMEs can afford to wield as a perfect weapon to increase their audience reach.

    So, what are the two greatest advantages of online marketing:

    Showcase your expertise: The most potent use of the web is to display to the world at large your knowledge and expertise on a topic.

    By posting and publishing content that offers valuable information to a reader, user, or viewer, you demonstrate your wealth of knowledge.

    Blog, post on social media platforms, publish webinars on topics relevant and interesting to your target market, and they will become loyal to your firm!

    Yes, the same can be done with traditional tools too, but the reach of online elements is far broader and deeper than any offline tool.

    Build relationships: About two or so decades ago creating a relationship with your patron was near impossible.

    The internet has made this task a piece of cake.

    Using email marketing, keyword phrases, networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, one can continuously communicate with the audience.

    By talking and listening to the clients, you take the first crucial steps to establishing a link.

    The web also allows for curated and tailored messages which touch and resonate with the patron, thus strengthening the relationship further.

    More than these, the lack of boundaries and limits of the web make the whole world a target market even for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Online marketing can be extremely useful, as long as the complex ecosystem is wielded carefully.

    We say strike while the iron is hot to ensure your company gets more credibility and visibility in the market!

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    universal basic income | 7 clear fact government will not implement the system




    Universal basic income

    Universal basic income | what is it about

    This article is about the clear fact the system of unconditional income to every citizen.

    Will not be implemented by the government.

    Basic income, also known as universal basic income, citizen’s income, citizen’s basic income in the United Kingdom, basic income guarantee in the United States and Canada,

    basic living stipend or universal demogrant,

    is a periodic cash payment delivered to all on an individual basis without means test or work requirement.

    The basic incomes would be:


    In the sense that basic income would vary with age,

    but with no other conditions, so everyone of the same age would receive the same basic income,

    whatever their gender, employment status, family structure, contribution to society, housing costs, or anything else.


    Basic incomes would not be means-tested.

    Whether someone’s earnings inflate, deflate, or stay the same, their basic income will not change.


    Basic incomes would be paid on an individual basis and not on the basis of a couple or household.


    Someone’s basic income would be automatically paid weekly or monthly into a bank account or similar.

    As a right:

    Everybody legally resident would receive a basic income,

    subject to a minimum period of legal residency and continuing residency for most of the year.

    Basic income was meant to be implemented nationally, regionally or locally.

    An unconditional income that is sufficient to meet a person’s basic needs in life (at or above the poverty line )

    is sometimes called a full basic income while if it is less than that amount, it is sometimes called partial.

    A welfare system with some characteristics similar to those of a basic income is a negative income tax

    in which the government stipend is gradually reduced with higher labour income.

    Some welfare systems are sometimes regarded as steps on the way to a basic income,

    but because they have conditionalities attached they are not basic incomes.

    If they raise household incomes to specified minima they are called guaranteed minimum income systems.

    For example, Bolsa Família in Brazil is restricted to poor families and the children are obligated to attend school.

    Several political discussions are related to the basic income debate.

    Examples include the debates regarding robotization, artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work.

    A key issue in these debates is whether robotisation and AI will significantly reduce the number of available jobs.

    Basic income often comes up as a proposal in these discussions.

    But due to research and analysis it seeming that the government will not implement the basic income due to the following facts.

    7 Clear facts that government will not implement universal basic income

    Basic income

    1. Bad behavior

    It is a fact that some people would spend a basic income on alcohol and other drugs.

    However, studies of the impact of direct cash transfer programs provide evidence to the contrary.

    A 2014 World Bank review of 30 scientific studies concludes:

    “Concerns about the use of cash transfers for alcohol and tobacco consumption are unfounded”.

    2. Basic income as a part of a post-capitalistic economic system

    Harry Shutt proposed basic income and other measures to make all or most enterprises collective rather than private.

    These measures would create a post-capitalist economic system.

    Erik Olin Wright characterizes basic income as a project for reforming capitalism

    into an economic system by empowering labor in relation to capital,

    granting labor greater bargaining power with employers in labor markets which can

    gradually de-commodify labor by decoupling work from income.

    This would allow for an expansion in scope of the social economy by granting citizens

    greater means to pursue activities (such as the pursuit of art) that do not yield strong financial returns.

    3. Economic growth

    Some proponents have argued that basic income can increase economic growth

    because it would sustain people while they invest in education to get interesting and well-paid jobs.

    However, there is also a discussion of basic income within the degrowth movement, which argues against economic growth.

    4. Employment

    Another clear fact about the universal basic income is the One argument

    that if people have free and unconditional money,

    they would “get lazy” and not work as much.

    Critics argue that less work means less tax revenue and hence less money for the state and cities to fund public projects.

    The degree of any disincentive to employment because of basic income would likely depend on how generous the basic income was.

    Some studies have looked at employment levels

    during the experiments with basic income and negative income tax and similar systems.

    In the negative income tax-experiments in United States in the 1970s,

    for example, there was a five percent decline in the hours worked.

    The work reduction was largest for second earners in two-earner households and weakest for the main earner.

    The reduction in hours was higher when the benefit was higher.

    Participants in these experiments knew that the experiment was limited in time.

    5. Power to refuse work

    Karl Widerquist and others have proposed a theory of freedom in which basic income is needed to protect the power to refuse work,

    which can be summarized as follows.

    If the resources necessary to an individual’s survival are controlled by another group,

    that individual has no reasonable choice other than to do whatever the resource-controlling group demands.

    Before the establishment of governments and landlords, individuals had direct access to the resources they needed to survive.

    Today, resources necessary for the production of food, shelter and clothing

    have been privatized in such a way that some have gotten a share and others have not.

    Therefore, the argument goes that the owners of those resources owe compensation

    back to non-owners, sufficient at least for them to purchase the resources or goods necessary to sustain their basic needs.

    This redistribution must be unconditional because people can consider themselves free

    only if they are not forced to spend all their time doing the bidding of others

    simply to provide basic necessities to themselves and their families.

    6. Welfare Trap

    Tim Worstall, a writer, blogger and Senior Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute,

    has argued that traditional welfare schemes create a disincentive to work

    because such schemes typically cause people to lose benefits at around the same rate that their income rises

    (a form of welfare trap where the marginal tax rate is 100 percent).

    He has asserted that this particular disincentive is not a property shared by

    basic income since the rate of increase is positive at all incomes.

    7. Entrepreneurship

    It is a clear fact that the rate of entreprenuership will decrease if basic income system be established.

    Though, basic income will be of great importance to business men and women running their private business.

    However, it will immensely lead to the decrease of entreprenuership, and that will affect the country’s country’s economy.

    For example. Many will feel what the essence of starting a business when you are having an unconditional income.

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    8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference




    8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 1

    8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 2

    Facebook F8 Developer Conference just wrapped and marketers can go ahead and pop the bubbly!

    Want to know the UPGRADES, FEATURES & NEWS from the big Facebook conference?

    Here are the eight things that happened at the Facebook F8 Conference every marketer must know.

    1. Facebook’s Focus is on Facebook Messenger

    A big portion of the conference changed into given over to one situation — Facebook Messenger.

    Over the past few months, it’s been apparent that Facebook is transferring plenty of their growing strength and advertising prowess closer to Messenger.

    During the convention keynotes, speakers held nothing back in promoting, improving, and pushing Messenger to the front of the communique.

    Facebook Messenger is the destiny of Facebook.

    Ever considering the fact that its beginning, it’s been common place to describe the Facebook app as Facebook’s “middle product.”

    Now, it looks like this is converting.

    One of the largest shifts, defined in quantity below, is that the crumbling News Feed is giving way to a greater intimate information feed-fashion method, however one this is a part of the Messenger app, not the Facebook app!

    All of this is good for marketers. Here is a good read, Persuasive Sales Skills every business owner must know to increase is sales

    Mix in a few cautiously-crafted chatbots, and the sector is your advertising oyster.
    Facebook knows this — that companies stand to benefit from the accelerated repute of Messenger.

    Heck, they engineered it to be so!
    After all, Facebook is a B2C organization.

    Consumers don’t deliver them money.

    Facebook gets its sales from companies.

    The primacy of Messenger is Facebook’s new play with the intention to gain both Facebook as a organization and corporations advertising and marketing to consumers.

    In this spirit, Facebook gave a nod to the developers who are gambling a critical position in pushing the app ahead. (Check out MobileMonkey: 4th row down, 2nd from the proper.)

    Takeaway: Facebook Messenger advertising and marketing continues to be the location of strongest advertising opportunity for the foreseeable destiny.

    Be positive to take gain of the power of Facebook Messenger chatbots, Facebook Messenger tools,

    Facebook Messenger commercials, and other Facebook Messenger hacks.

    8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 3

    2. Messenger is being redesigned as a dedicated area for near connections.

    Messenger will become almost like a secondary social community, however one that is only for close friends and family.

    The 2nd tab within Messenger will include a feed (of kinds) that has most effective data and updates from near friends and loved ones.

    This is the brand new location to percentage reputation updates, view stories, and preserve watch parties.

    Takeaway: Customers will most in all likelihood be spending some distance greater time inside Messenger than earlier than, devoting their time within the app to interacting with their closest connections.

    Businesses the usage of Messenger chatbots have the internal song to interacting with clients within this greater non-public social experience.

    Good read>> Top Digital Marketing Skills that will increase your lead traffic and sales

    3. Facebook Messenger is getting manner faster.

    Facebook calls it Operation Lightspeed — the mission to make Facebook Messenger faster and lighter.

    The updated Messenger app will soak up less space, require much less battery, and boast improved reliability.

    Takeaway: Messenger could have an improved person enjoy, inflicting customers to apply it with more frequency and longer length.

    Businesses benefit a bonus due to the fact their capability customers may have better ranges of engagement, leading to more a success Facebook Messenger advertising.

    8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 4

    4. Messenger will have end-to-quit encryption by way of default.

    Facebook has had a few privacy debacles inside the beyond, however they may be running tough to transport beyond those errors and create an intensely private destiny.

    To that end, Messenger can have default end-to-cease encryption through the quit of the year.

    Takeaway: With end-to-give up encryption, Messenger customers will sense extra secure on the app, and as a consequence will transfer that feeling of safety to the businesses with which they have interaction.

    5. Messenger customers can message contacts on WhatsApp and Instagram (and vice versa).

    We already knew this, but it’s nevertheless cool to get enthusiastic about it.

    After all, this move noticeably expands the attain of all three messaging systems.

    Takeaway: It’s clear that corporations have large potential with the circulate towards interoperability.

    It’s doubtful what this actually looks as if in praxis. Either manner, it’ll be important for entrepreneurs to recognize and gain familiarity with all three systems.

    6. Messenger is getting a computing device app.

    Finally! WhatsApp has had one for some time, and now it’s Messenger’s flip.

    Messenger’s computer app might be a latecomer, but it will be a great addition to Messenger’s functionality.

    Takeaway: The new computing device app may additionally change how people use and have interaction with the app, probable.

    increasing the time that customers spend or the manner that they engage. Marketers should use the laptop app as quickly because it’s available to experience the appearance and experience of ways customers may be interacting with messages.

    8 things that happened at the Facebook F8 conference 5

    7. Messenger will offer corporations with lead era templates in Ads Manager.

    Advertising is getting a whole new elevate with the addition of lead generation templates for businesses.

    These can be to be had in Ads Manager.

    Businesses can create Messenger advertisements that power customers to a Messenger Q&A sequence, thus segmenting customers and giving customers a superior enjoy with that commercial enterprise.

    Here’s exactly how Facebook defined the exchange in their Newsroom post:

    Takeaway: We have a number of questions about technical information, however we may be sure that Facebook wants organizations to succeed with customers inside the redesigned Messenger revel in.

    8. Messenger will natively assist appointment booking with corporations.

    Messenger will make lead generation better for businesses. Messenger will assist the included capability for customers to set appointments with companies.

    There’s no need for an out of doors integration anymore. The introduction of an appointment among business and customer will manifest natively within Messenger.

    Takeaway: Obviously, this is massive for groups. Whether you’re scheduling a real estate displaying, a private education appointment, a hair styling consultation, or a eating place reservation, appointment setting directly among commercial enterprise and consumer will streamline and enhance the patron/commercial enterprise courting.

    Facebook Messenger Marketing – Bottom Line Takeaways

    Messenger is converting – from the very cause of the app itself to its look and experience, it’s undergoing an intensive evolution.

    The Facebook Messenger evolution favors groups and entrepreneurs. And, more to the factor, it favors the companies and marketers who’re taking complete gain of Messenger chatbots.

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    Network Marketing and Top 10 MLM Leading Companies in the World




    Network Marketing and Top 10 MLM Leading Companies in the World 6

    Network Marketing and Top 10 MLM Leading Companies in the World 7
    Network marketing 
    A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesss are also  multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level.

    Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking on part time, flexible businesses.

    Some of the best known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

    Network marketing programs features  a low upfront investment-usually only a few hundred dollars for the purchase of a product sample kit and the opportunity to sell a product line directly or  friend, family and other personal contacts.

    Most network marketing program also ask participants to recruit other sales representatives.

    The recruits constitute a rep’s “down-line” and their sales generate income for those above them in the program.

    Things cant get sticky when a network marketing compensates participants primarily for recruiting others rather than for selling the company’s product or services.

    A network marketing system in which most of the revenue comes from recruitment may be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

    Network marketing involves the direct sales of products to consumers.

    While network marketers don’t need a specified amount of education, individuals interested in network marketing can take advantage of degree programs, marketing and sales management.

    Network marketing also known as multi level marketing (MLM), is a direct selling method that uses a network of people to sell a product.

    According to the IRS, network marketers earn money either directly selling products themselves or by recruiting others to sell products for them.

    those persons in turn recruit others to sell the same product. And so on and so forth, until there is a hierarchy of distributors selling and promoting the products, hence the term multi-level marketing.

    Each distributors is essentially an independent business owner, or more accurately put, an independent sales representatives.

    Each representative gets paid for sales he or she makes, as well as sales made by each person he or she recruited.

    Network marketers often earn bonuses for acquiring new distributors and customers and residual income on repeat business.

    Although there are no specific educational requirement for direct sellers, individuals interested in network marketing may find it beneficial to take advantage of one of the selling and sales management degree programs available in the United States.

    Some general course topics include professional selling, marketing, prospecting, sales motivation, consumer behavior, customer relations and sales management.

    Network marketers may also find a degree in marketing or business administration very useful.

    A degree program in marketing helps student understand the consumer market and the factors that influence consumer-purchasing decisions.

    A degree in business administration prepares student to plan and direct the everyday operations of small business and large corporations.

    A degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing may also prove helpful. Student learn the fundamental principles of marketing and selling, as well as how to run a business.

    Some general course topics include advertising, sales, eCommerce, marketing management, marketing research, finance, accounting, human resources management and business ethics.

    There are many types of network marketing including two tier programs and multi-level marketing, but many of the more solid marketing companies, like Avon are single tier.

     Single-Tier  Network Marketing:

    You sign up with an affiliate program to sell their product or service.

    You do not need to recruit other distributors and are only paid if you make a direct sales. Avon, is a company that uses single-tier networking marketing.

    In some online affiliate programs you are only paid for traffic you have referred to the affiliate’s website.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-lead (PPL) affiliate programs are other examples of single tier networking .

    Two-Tier Networking Marketing:

    This term applies to network marketing that pays you for direct sales (or traffic you refer to a website) and for direct sales or referred traffic made by affiliates or distributors you recruit to work under you. An example of a two-tier program is Ken Envoy’s Site sell.

    Multi-Level Marketing

    Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a distribution based marketing network  that is two or more tiers “deep”. Some MLM programs allow you to make money five or more tiers deep. Example of MLM businesses include the Trump Network Magnetic Sponsoring, and Amway.

    Here is the list of top 10 MLM leading Companies in the world:

    1. Avon Products Inc: This company was founded in 1886 and sells cosmetic and FMCG goods. The estimated revenue of this American company is US $10.9 billion

    2.  Amway: Founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos, this MLM Company has revenue of about $9.2 billion. Company offers skincare and Nutralite range of products

    3. Natura Cosmeticos SA: This Brazilian MLM Company operates in 7 countries and has revenue of $3 billion. Company offers personal care

    4. Vorwek $ Co. KG: This German company was founded in 1930 and mainly ideas in household appliance and cosmetics products. Overall revenue of the company is $2.9 billion.

    5.  Herbal Life Ltd: Founded by Mark Hughes in 1980 this US based MLM Company offers products that are designed and developed by a Noble Prize Winner. Overall revenue of the company is $2.7 billion

    6. Mary Kay Inc: This American company sells skincare and cosmetics products and was founded in 1963 Mary Kay Ash and the current revenue of the company are $2.5 billion

    7. Tupperware Brands Corp: This American network marketing company mainly deals in high grade plastic products and posted a overall revenue of $2.3 billion. It was founded in 1946.

    8. Oriflamme Cosmetics, S.A:  This company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick and deals in beauty and cosmetic products. Overall revenue of the company is $2.2 billion

    9. Forever Living Products: This MLM company deals in cosmetics and is the larges aloe Vera producing company in the world. Founded in 1978 this company has got revenue of about $1.7 billion.

    10. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc: This American direct selling company was founded in 1984 and sells nutritional supplements and personal care products with an overall revenue of $1.5 billion.

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