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LinkedIn Help| How to use LinkedIn to Market a Small Business, Drive Traffic, Leads and Sales



LinkedIn help

LinkedIn help. With huge social network names like Facebook and Twitter out there, LinkedIn is one that is often overlooked.

But, it’s one that can provide the most opportunity for business owners; and it’s by far the most professional social network that small businesses can use, because it connects professionals with other professionals.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you’ll never see professionals posting pictures of their family BBQ that took place over the weekend; or talking about what they’re going to have for dinner.

When people sign on to LinkedIn, they’re doing so in a professional frame of mind and for business purposes.

This concept already helps your online marketing goals, because it’s already targeting your goals and your audience for you.

So yes, you need to have a LinkedIn presence for your company. And while that’s an easy thing to say, how are you supposed to go about actually doing it?

That’s what this guide will outline for you. Inside you’ll find everything from how to actually set up a company page for your business (easy,) to utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest for your own marketing strategies and techniques (a little more involved.)

This guide will also show you different tips on how to use LinkedIn, and the biggest mistakes business owners are currently making on LinkedIn so that you can avoid making them, too.

The biggest mistake you could be making so far is by not using LinkedIn at all. If that’s the case for you and your company, read on.

This guide will show you how to create a presence on LinkedIn, maintain it, and use it to its fullest potential so that you can start using one more channel to market your business.

Everything from profiles to pages to groups and networks – it’s all inside, so
get started learning about LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Help| How to use LinkedIn to Market a Small Business, Drive  Traffic, Leads  and Sales les

Using LinkedIn for Small Business

The biggest mistake small business owners make with LinkedIn is that they ignore it.

Because there is so much talk about other social networks, business owners make the mistake of thinking these are the best and only resources to use for their social network marketing.

They think that because Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest networks (and they are,) that they have no need for LinkedIn.

But, LinkedIn provides something that Facebook and Twitter can’t.

They allow you the option, several options in fact, to connect with like- minded professionals that are specifically there to grow their network, work with other professionals, and be amidst other professionals.

Even once business owners start paying attention to it, the very task of setting up a LinkedIn profile and maintaining it can seem daunting.

There’s already so much to do in a day; who really has time to be tinkering around with their LinkedIn profile?

This problem leads back to the first one: business owners simply think it will take too much time, and be too involved.

So they end up ultimately, ignoring it once again even when aware of all the bene….fits it brings.

LinkedIn will help you connect with business partners, clients, and service providers.

It will help with recruiting, and can actually work like a headhunter.

You can access the expert advice of others and you can use it as a blog and website promotion tool. Use it for recommendations, to start groups and it for SEO.

And now that you know the challenges that lie ahead, you can continue on and conquer them!

LinkedIn Help| How to use LinkedIn to Market a Small Business, Drive  Traffic, Leads  and Sales les

Setting Up LinkedIn for Your Business

If you’ve never signed up for LinkedIn before, you’ll need to do so by visiting the website.

Different countries have different LinkedIn addresses. In the United States it’s simply while in Canada it’s
If you live in an area outside of these countries, doing a quick Google search for “L inkedIn” will bring up the one in your country.

Once you’re at the website, you’ll need to fill in some basic information such as your name, your zip code, and your current employment status.

You’ll also need to include your job title and your company which of course, you want to make sure you add anyway.

Although you won’t officially have a page or profile yet, there’s still a few more steps you need to take before you are officially registered with LinkedIn; and the next one is a big one.

That’s importing your email contacts.

Once you have filled out the basic information, LinkedIn will ask if you want to allow people you know who are already on LinkedIn to find you easily, and it will do so by importing your contacts from your email address into your LinkedIn profile.

Doing this is not a requirement to sign up for LinkedIn.

If you choose not to, LinkedIn can send a confirmation email to your email address, and you can confirm your account that way.

However, remember that the entire point of LinkedIn is to connect with other people, grow your networks, and reach out to other people.

Turning down the opportunity to have LinkedIn grow your basic network to begin with could be a mistake you regret; and one that could cost you tons of time when you end up doing it all yourself.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address and have an official profile page, you will then need to sign in to your account.

After supplying your email address and password and signing in, LinkedIn will take you to yet another page.

This page will present you with a number of people that are already on LinkedIn, and will give you the opportunity to check off the boxes of the people you know.

The people you check off will be automatically connected to your LinkedIn network.

Remember that again, the whole point is to promote your business and to connect with as many people as possible.

Therefore, whoever you know on that list, check them off so they can be connected to you right away.

Didn’t see everyone you knew listed within those boxes?

That’s okay; the next step will allow you to invite friends on your Facebook and Twitter pages to join you on LinkedIn.

What you’ll see is a standard dialogue box with the boring text, “I just joined LinkedIn and created my professional pro file. Join my network. [ LinkedIn profile address.]”

Make sure that you keep the profile address, but delete everything else and replace it with something that’s more customized to your business.

Are you mainly trying to reach new customers? Send out something like,

We have got one more way for you to contact us! [LinkedIn address.]

Now you officially have a profile page; but you’ll have to dig a little deeper before it’s set up exactly the way you want it. As it stands now, it’s a fairly boring page.

But with it, you will still receive all of these benefits:

  • The ability to build your network
  • Join industry and alumni groups
  • Set up automatic search alerts
  • Make additional notes and enter contact information for any profile
  • These are the main benefits that business owners are looking for when they join LinkedIn, and this basic package will most likely get you everything you’re looking for out of LinkedIn.

    If you’re a large company, or you think you’re going to grow considerably into a larger company, you can then choose from three different plans: Business, Business Plus, and Executive.

    The Business package is the cheapest of the paid packages, costing about $20 a month.

    With this package you’ll be able to contact up to three people a month directly through InMail, and get a response guaranteed.

    You’ll be able to see up to 300 profiles at once when you search, and you’ll have access to the premium search filters.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to expand on the profile of anyone that’s on LinkedIn; and you’ll get a full list of people who have viewed your profile.

    The Business Plus package is the one that LinkedIn recommends for business professionals, and it comes at a cost of about $40 – $50 a month.

    With this package you’ll also get the premium search filters and the ability to expand profiles; but you’ll also be able to direct message up to 10 people through InMail, and still get a guaranteed response.

    With this package, the number of profiles you can view at once in a search also goes up to 500.

    The Executive package the most costly of the three, and probably too much for most small businesses.

    It can cost anywhere from $75 – $100 a month and along with the premium search filters, you’ll also have access to Talent filters; which of course, will search through the different talents of people.

    This can be a great help in targeting different marketing campaigns; and if your company is trying to recruit new people.

    Also with the Executive package you’ll be able to InMail up to 25 people a month with a guaranteed response, and you’ll also be able to see a whopping 700 results when you complete a search.

    LinkedIn Help| How to use LinkedIn to Market a Small Business, Drive  Traffic, Leads  and Sales les

    Customizing your LinkedIn Page

    Once you have officially registered and chosen your package, you will then need to customize your LinkedIn page.

    There are a number of different areas including your profile, adding contacts, creating groups and companies.

    Each of these will have a direct effect on how effective your LinkedIn marketing campaign is; so you should go through each of them carefully and make sure that they’re as complete as they can be.

    If you’re ever worried that you missed a section, or that you have more still to do on your page, LinkedIn has a “T o Do ” list that will list the remaining tasks.

    Customizing your LinkedIn page is not like customizing your pages on other social networks. While on sites like Facebook and Twitter, your personal profile and your company’s page can be two entirely separate things, that’s not really the case with LinkedIn.

    Because everything is business-oriented, your personal LinkedIn profile works more like a business card than it does a peek into your personal life.

    And because of that, you need to make extra certain that you fill everything in including your website, your Twitter account, and any other information that’s needed.

    Now that you’ve created your own “buainess card” by creating your own business profile, you can then create a company page you first need a profile in order to do it.

    Adding your Company to your Profile, and to LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has a wizard for creating your company’s page, so it’s relatively simple.

    Start by entering the basic information such as the description, the number of employees, and what industry you’re in.

    Remember that your LinkedIn audience is a busy one, and are searching for quick answers.

    Because of this, it’s important to keep things such as the description of your company to a minimum one paragraph.

    Continue to follow LinkedIn’s wizard which will prompt you to upload your company’s logo, different locations, and the RSS feed for your company’s blog.

    Once you’ve gone through the entire wizard and added to all of the different areas, your company page will be created and viewable by anyone on LinkedIn.

    Here is where your company’s LinkedIn page really takes off though, because this is when LinkedIn starts to compile all of your data, analyze it, and display that information.

    All of this information will then also be visible to those who are searching for your company, or within your industry, and it will help them connect to you faster.

    This is also where your company page gets interesting, because now is the time when you can really start to play around with it and use it to your company’s full advantage.

    LinkedIn Best Practice’s

    Post Careers

    If you want to actually post a job opening in the “Careers” section of your company’s page, you’re going to need a paid subscription.

    However, there is still a way that you can let people know about a position you have open in your company.

    First, publish the job posting on your own website or your own blog and then post a link to it on your LinkedIn page.

    You won’t have to pay any extra money, and you’ll still let people know about the job.

    Products and Services

    While lots of people are mostly interested in posting careers on LinkedIn, the feature most small businesses should be

    concerned with is listing their products and services on their company page and this can be done right under the “Products & Services” tab.

    This is important because it allows people to see more of what your company is about and what you have to offer.

    Underneath each product or service that you list, there is also a “Share ” button, which will let you post that product or service to Twitter.

    It’s also under these products and services that people can recommend certain things; and this is one of the most important aspects of LinkedIn.

    Always ask people after they’ve used your product if they can recommend you, the more recommendations you have, the better off you are.

    Status Updates

    Use your status update the same way you use it on Facebook and Twitter when promoting your business to let customers know about sales and promotions,

    new products, remind them of your website address, or anything else you use to promote your business through your status update.

    The only difference with LinkedIn is that you can’t import your Twitter feed
    to post to your company page, the way you can with your LinkedIn profile.

    Because of that, you’ll need to manually log in and enter your status update every time you want to change it.

    When publishing status updates, do SEO keyword research first.

    This will give you the best idea of what terms people are using when they search, so that you can then incorporate them into your status updates.

    When utilized properly and when you incorporate high search result keywords, your LinkedIn profile will appear in the first few results in Google, giving your business even more exposure.

    Connect with Employees

    Having your employees’ profiles show up right on your company page can be a huge boon to the page itself.

    To do this, ask your employees to add the company page by clicking on

    “Edit Pro file ” within their own personal profile pages. After clicking “Edit” they then just have to start typing the name of the company.

    While they’re doing that, your company name will automatically appear and they can just click on it.

    Not only does this make their profile appear on your page, but it also shows your company’s page to anyone that visits that employee’s profile and that garners your company even more exposure.

    Start a Group

    On LinkedIn, groups are where it’s at.

    Groups are where conversations are started, where you can answer questions and establish yourself as an authority,

    and where you can get people talking about your company, your website, or just pertinent news happening within your industry.

    Groups are extremely important, and if you plan on having your company on LinkedIn, you need to start a group.

    Even more importantly, you also need to join groups that others have started.

    This will give you more chances to answer questions, show that you’re the expert, and give your business more exposure.

    Polls and Surveys

    Some business owners think that polls and surveys are a waste of time on LinkedIn, but the chances are they think that because they’re underutilizing them.

    Polls and surveys are not just a great way to get your business’ name in front of the audience, but they’re also a great way to get market feedback and find out what your customers, or potential customers, are thinking.

    However, in order for them to be effective, you need to market them – and not just on LinkedIn.

    As soon as you post a poll or survey, market it on Facebook or Twitter and ask people to find you on LinkedIn and participate in your poll.

    The only way polls are ever going to work on LinkedIn is if people know about them and use them.

    It’s up to you to make sure they do that.

    Use LinkedIn Mobile

    LinkedIn also has a mobile app that you can download, and that all businesses should.

    With this app, you’ll not only be able to view LinkedIn on your mobile phone, and still be able to view everything, but others will also be able to see your page and view it on a mobile device.

    This is important to make sure that mobile users aren’t missing out on your most important information.


    Social Media Marketing Consultants and LinkedIn

    There are lots of ways to utilize LinkedIn for your marketing efforts, and the more you use the more results you’ll see.

    But managing and maintaining your LinkedIn page can take a lot of time; and often, that’s time that business owners just don’t have.

    Because of this, they often hire social media marketing consultants to help them with the task.

    However, anyone with an Internet connection and a laptop can call themselves a social media consultant and then leave you and your page empty once they’ve obtained their fee.

    This means that you need to ask some key questions to make sure that you’re dealing with a professional.

    These questions are listed below.

    1. Where did you train in social media marketing? Who trained you?

    This is an important question, but not one with an exact answer.

    What you want to hear is that they trained somewhere, and you do want to make sure you get the name of the person or school that trained them.

    This is so that you can check out the school or social media firm that trained the consultant and

    make sure that they have an outstanding LinkedIn presence.

    After all, if they’re teaching people how to do it, they should be the best.

    2. What are the keywords you’ve optimized your own LinkedIn profile with?

    Again, this is so you can do some digging around on your own.

    Take note of at least five of the keywords and then Google them in your own time.

    Make sure that in the results returned, the consultant’s LinkedIn profile page is ranked in the first page.

    You want to make sure that they know how to get your LinkedIn page seen by others.

    And if they can do it for themselves, they can do it for your business, too.

    3. How do you measure social media results?

    You need to know that your marketing consultant isn’t just going about updating your LinkedIn page willy-nilly and disregarding whether or not they’re actually working.

    You want to know that your social media consultant will be using things like base metrics and that they’ll be setting up relevant KPI.

    This will give you a good idea that your results will be measured.

    4. How will you report the results to me?

    Of course anyone with a connection to Google can look up how to track LinkedIn marketing efforts and traffic statistics.

    You need to know that the results will also be reported to you so you can make sure they’re being tracked and recorded; and so that you can see what those results are.

    Make sure that within the recordings you’ll find buzz measuring, engagement stats, referral traffic stats to your website, and growth stats.

    5. What will you need from us before we begin with LinkedIn marketing?

    This question isn’t just so you can be prepared; although that’s important, too.

    But a social media consultant should be asking about your brand, your corporate policy guidelines, business goals, profiles, target audience segmentation and anything else relevant to your company.

    You need to know that you’re working with a professional that really wants to understand your company so that they can best reflect it through your profile page and company page.

    That’s really what this question is all about.

    6. What are some marketing goals LinkedIn can help us achieve?

    Will the marketing efforts get your website more traffic? Or are you trying to get people to sign up for your newsletter? Are you a real estate agent looking to get listings? Or are you a new business trying to promote your new product?

    There’s no point going into any marketing campaign without a clear goal of what you want to do, and that includes your LinkedIn marketing.

    Speak with the consultant about what your own goals are and how they can help you achieve them; as well as what goals they might have in mind that you haven’t thought of yet.

    7. How will you target to my market audience?

    The answer to this question will depend on who your target market audience is; but the chances are good that you already know how to effectively target them in your marketing.

    You need to make sure the way they’re going to target that audience is the same way you would.

    8. How heavily do you rely on optimizing a LinkedIn page for SEO?

    Yes, optimizing your LinkedIn page so that it appears closely in the top results of any search engine is important, but it’s not all that matters for your LinkedIn page.

    Make sure that your consultant has other tactics they’re ready to employ so that you can make sure your LinkedIn page is effective in all areas, not just in Google.


    Using LinkedIn to promote your business is one of the best marketing tactics you can employ.

    There are tons of benefits, and even more reasons why it’s so important that every business has a LinkedIn presence.

    But, it can also be excruciating spending all that time on your own LinkedIn page – if only because you simply don’t have the time for it.

    For go-getters that love a challenge and love doing every single thing themselves, creating and managing a LinkedIn page isn’t really difficult; it does however, require that you spend a large amount of time on it.

    But not every business owner has to do it themselves, if they don’t want to.

    Hire the right social media marketing consultant for your business’ LinkedIn page, and you’ll still be able to reap all of those benefits, without spending any of the time.

    So get going!

    Either start creating your LinkedIn profile today, or call a professional that can do it for you!

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  • Click on the Check all in Common Services to select all the services in the list and finally hit the “ Send
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    Avoid sending pings or using Pingomatic tool, when you don’t have a new published post.

    Here is the kind of response they will send to you.

    Google index

    Google Index | can Pingomatic do the job

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    A ping doesn’t directly improve your
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    Further, I see transient price lists as a shot over the bow that the US will no longer be played with unbalanced alternate agreements or loss of fair exchange agreements.

    These brief alternate tariffs will carry billions into the United States authorities’s coffers whilst alternate negotiations show up, and our overseas counterparts will rush returned to the desk to renegotiate with more favorable phrases.

    No international company wants to pass the USA Market, it is too large, and there’s a ways an excessive amount of money here.

    Why Should Companies Move Operations to the USA and Establish Themselves Here?

    The United States of America is the most important client market on this planet.

    In 2016 and however in 2017 the USA patron marketplace alone turned into almost 13 Trillion Dollars,

    and that does not account for any other Trillion or two in unreported income – coins transactions inside the underground economic system, which includes the entirety from a kid’s lemon resource stand or residence maid to a handyman reworking a kitchen.

    And, recognize at thirteen-15 Trillion, this is simplest the “patron economic system” and has not anything to do with what agencies spend or the USA government spends annually.

    The Federal Government, now not inclusive of kingdom governments or neighborhood governments, has a budget of $4 Trillion.

    State Governments overall an expected $2 Trillion and all the neighborhood governments blended additionally close to $2 Trillion.

    The general authorities spending for economic year 2018 is estimated to be around $7.5 Trillion. Guess how much US organizations spent in 2017?

    It’s so massive no one can discern it out, it is so thoughts-boggling that it makes the relaxation of the arena’s economies appear like infant’s play.

    Did you recognize that 2018 commercial enterprise spending is already on direction for a 7% growth, despite a so-called trade struggle scare?

    The United States isn’t handiest the largest patron economy by a ways, however it’s miles the biggest for government and business spending as nicely, and 2nd area is not even near.

    If you aren’t within the US Market selling your items and services you’re missing out.

    Are you prepared to go for it? If so, there are lots of US based worldwide enterprise specialists here who’re geared up and willing to assist get you installation.

    Here are a number of the things you may want to enter the best marketplace in human records;

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Set Up Books – Accounting
  • Business Name Registration
  • Business License Acquisition
  • Business/Commercial Insurance
  • Website with e-mail addresses
  • Tax Strategy and Tax Planning
  • Set Up Books – Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Business Location and Rental/Lease Negotiation
  • Business Corporation Formation
  • Setting Up Bank Accounts (Business Checking)
  • Start-up Business Coaching
  • Start-up Marketing Consulting
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    Women ceos, As co-founder along with her sister Alison Webster, Lindsey McCoy (previously Delaplaine) is locating approaches to deal with one of the major environmental troubles of our time.

    Drive down any street, walk on any seaside, and you’ll see the consequences of our disposable life-style. Plastic is everywhere.

    Plaine product

    Sustainability is a primary motivator at Plaine Products, a frame and hair care product employer with a twist.

    Lindsey and Alison have in my opinion attempted and accredited all products to make sure that they’re environmentally pleasant: biodegradable, paraben-, sulfate-, and toxin-unfastened with all natural and vegan elements.

    Here’s where they’ve taken the possibility to innovate similarly for environmental change: packaging can be sent again to them for a refill at no extra rate. You also can recycle the packing containers (a hundred%), which can be made from aluminum.

    “Every piece of plastic that has ever been made nonetheless exists,” says Lindsey. “It is inherently designed to ultimate for loads or thousands of years.”

    You’ve heard approximately plastic islands floating inside the oceans.

    We are flooding the sector with unmarried use plastic.

    Plaine Products gives an alternative, some thing households and people like you may do in your household to impact environmental change.

    Lindsey lived for 10 years inside the Bahamas jogging an environmental nonprofit and saw the trouble first hand, with plastic on the seaside, within the ocean, and roadside.

    She noticed simply searching around her lavatory simply how a whole lot plastic she owned, and started out talking with her sister about how to alternate that.

    These CEOs’ environmental effect commitment is actual: Plaine Products is an authorized B company. Lindsey and Alison have chosen to introduce challenge lock into their governance files, a manner to preserve the corporation’s environment effect cognizance at some stage in excessive growth and while attracting traders.

    All Plaine Products are natural, high pleasant, and chemical-free.

    Inspiring Women CEOs: Lindsey McCoy and Alison Webster

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    The business enterprise has over 1000 subscribers and has run a Kickstarter marketing campaign, together with increasing wholesale and on line sales.

    One motive I suppose this organization works is that they are constructing network around the emblem.

    They ask you to be an ambassador, spreading the phrase face-to-face and via social media.

    They’ve also had vast insurance by using beauty bloggers: Lindsey says that they couldn’t have built the organization with out their contribution.

    Lindsey McCoy and Alison Delaplaine are examples of women CEOs who saw a trouble and constructed a company around solving it in modern ways.

    Even small agencies can start to make a great distinction, to have effect, and as her enterprise grows, her effect will develop.

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